To You!!!

To You!!!
This has to be epic and words elude my heart. I can’t explain this dagger that runs through the length of my soul. It’s always there with that stabbing pain every time I turn my thoughts to you.

I was shackled and my arms couldn’t reach where my heart needed to be. I carried dreams of us through the pain and agony like the weight of the world. My words became small and stuttered as I watched us fade into a history I shared alone.

Time buried us into the myst; but I kept lighting fires so we wouldn’t melt. Inside the myst and dust were clouding the distance between us. The clouds parted in intervals to brighten my hopes, but it seems clouds would swirl again.

Belief is a fragile concept that dissipates without conviction. I will always have this dagger, and will never stop hoping for us. I’m sorry are just letters when your hopes are only thoughts and feelings.

I have the rest of my life to find the balance between us that will clear the air towards sunnier days and peaceful nights. Or, I will carry this dagger to my death knowing that when I’m dust you’ll know I loved you more than I was able to show.

Either way; you were always my heart and part of it died when I wasn’t there. I hope you know you’re loved and missed forever.


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