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Stained Glass

The center of mass epiphanizes
The hum on either side
Of fervent hearts that realize
What has loved and died.

No thurible spewing smoke and ash
Can underline the hate that loves
To twist and turn and outwardly lash
At sinners posing as white doves

Service is a belief that work is done
When nothing is ever completed
In a world that revolves around the sun
And lost souls wondering and defeated

So what makes you think you’re saved
Sitting in pews lined with past transgressions
While the working man still behaves
And toils to long to pay concessions

There is no seat for the true believer
To sit and ponder other men’s accomplishments
With no time for the real deceiver
And his lies that darkly languish

Silence, that’s what I owe the preacher
Who screams once a week
Between whispers and cheers
Lifting themselves above the weak

My strength is the word spoken
By Christ and no one in between
This world and your words as token
Coins that shine just to be seen

So take your alters, your sanctuaries of smoke and mirrors
Open your glass windows anointed with plastic histories
I don’t need you to define my Savior
He lives within me, not stories


Opaque Facade

I’m particular in pieces and parts you cannot see. I’m light years away from all that noise that that leaves you pasty and jittering like flesh without sun. I’m past tired and exhausted with your glazed twitching eyes.

I’m whole now that you are fragmented. Walking a path of broken mosaic hearts that bleed mud every step you take. You stumble and stutter spewing broken shards of plastic along a wooded landscape. I see your trail of trash talk echoing from dank corners. Your eyes quivering in the dark recesses of yesterday.

You can’t come into the light for all to hear or see. Once your known the fear will become laughter and joy will replace apprehension. The lie will dissipate into a truth seen by all. Then you’ll have to return to who you really are, us.

So now your dark opaque facade is melting. A glass menagerie of past dread, present fear, and future anxiety. You tried to hide behind me, but us is stronger than fear, we is stronger than apprehension, and together they make us whole. This is where life resides.

Listen To Me!!!

You’re hearing me within your thoughts
I need you to listen to me with your mind

Your heart can’t listen, it only feels weakness
Your mind screams truths, but you don’t listen, you only hear

It’s you, you have to separate your mind from your heart
Your brain can’t do it alone, no one hears alone

You can’t live in now pulling before and what if in each hand
Let go of spaces you can’t live, and face the day with an open mind

Control can be creative, messy, even spontaneous
So you have no excuse not to listen, hearing is a cop out.

You don’t even look at the words Your sideways glance tells me your in another tense

Darting eyes, fidgeting hands, one word answers.
We might as well be on the phone completing some obligation

Listen to me, look at my words, and let me know you’re here
If not, I’ll soon be too far away for you to hear

Then you’ll listen to me with someone else.

I’m not “The Whipping Boy”!!!

I can’t write shit with all these considerations.

Fuck the left and right and all the silence in the middle.

Some things are just so obvious they blind us like looking into the sun
I don’t care about no parasitic government that feeds on anything that moves.

I hear all this shit about accept me or I’ll whine dollars from your character.

I don’t have to agree with your stupid ass to be a good person.

I don’t need your funded research to know the truths that you’re creating, fuck you and you’re medicated mania.

I didn’t grow up with exceptions or pills to grab at that one last string of posterity bitch, I lived and died by my own hands stained with life.

I’m normal motherfucker;

I like girls and I’m a boy,

I’m fat and wish I was buff,

I’m poor and love my folks

I’m white and see right through that guilt your scattering like confetti at a history convention full of folks walking on the dead efforts of abstract statues. Your Polo stripes and gold chains are nothing but faux art bitch.

I’m clean and see your fake ass smiling when you come out of the pharmacy looking down on the other addict begging coffee in the McDonald’s parking lot, but I see you hypocritical ass for what it is.

I see your cropped photos with plastic backgrounds that have no scent or taste for living things.

I believe in Christ’ life bitch, and I don’t need your hierarchal ladder that wouldn’t even hold Jacobs weight, it’s a prop. You can’t do outreach like visiting a zoo wearing rubber gloves and surgical masks, then shower off and boast to your mannequins how bold you are. You collect dollars and sweat from the poor to dress the wealthy. Faith ain’t a path to pedigree bitch.

I see your morality dancing on a silver stage with origami bills dancing on coins and yellow promises written in the blood of the laborers scarred hands.

I’m not a privileged prick proud of the table that some fake ass wannabe prepared for his own ability to step on the neck of disparity.

I’m no chameleon either, I’m proud, and you ain’t gonna catch me with no Newport smoking, red hair dyed, Mountain Dew drinking bitch trying to buy me sneakers and pants to wear around my ass like some chain gang bitch. I wear my boots and a belt with my T-shirt stretched over my stomach. My truck shines when it rains and when it’s parked its a tool box.

And these folks that are all wrapped up in clothes and ideas from the opposite sex are fucked up, but it’s cool. Be you, do you!!! Just don’t bring your silly ass around me expecting me to buy into your bathroom fetishes. When we let your ass out of the closet that wasn’t a ticket to take your weird shit into the street, keep it in the bedroom bitch, I got kids. I promise I ain’t gonna try and change you, and you damn sure can’t change me. You’re adolescent peer pressure shit don’t work with grown folks.

I saved this last group to close my rant. These lying ass multi faced pariahs that call theirselves our leaders are done, maybe not gone, but hopefully we’ll make a shift from putting the guy nobody could ever work with in political office so we don’t have to deal with him in real life. These motherfuckers have been playing this role so long they believe the shit they say. They need to take their fluid truths and popular opinions and go back to middle school to revisit phases and stages that were obviously missed.

And those bastards that run around like adolescent cheerleaders whispering lies about the players need to be exposed and made to get a real job that doesn’t drain the coffers.

I’m a nice guy. I live my life simply and don’t want to change anyone. I don’t have to be one of those “off the grid” guys to live my life by the simple truths I’ve learned through lessons and wisdom.

I ain’t racist, sexist, or any other “ist”

I ain’t buying into conservatism, liberalism, or any other “ism”

I am a free man who enjoys a diverse circle of folks who are hopefully comfortable in their own skin. We don’t need the lies that come with your insecurities. We don’t have colors, sexes, denominations, or affiliations. We’re just folks keeping it real. So your welcome to visit anytime, just you though, leave all those other folks you are where they can get fed, not here.

Peace out!!!

Structure of Faith

Are we not as Christians paying tribute to God when we dress or build ornately? How do we separate ourselves from the Mayan, or Egyptian, whose Gold brought them closer to their God, or should we?

So how is the Pope different from the “Wllilaq Umu” which was the Incan high priest. These men considered sacred or holy in their position to the powers that be. Serving in parallel structures of government. Their rituals and traditions cementing their pedigree in lies and lore.

Hypocrisy knows no boundaries and Jesus pointed this out with the Pharisees. Putting rituals, procedure, and positions within our spirituality is akin to trying to organize and stratify love. These are lies the spiritual man uses to fend off religion.

The simple truth is that love is invisible, like the wind. We can’t grasp it or master it as a skill. There are no hierarchies, stratification or organizations that can improve love. It all comes home to faith, trust, and hope. These abstract concepts that fuel the consciousness towards goodness.

The disconnect between the “Modern Church” and the violent spiral our communities are experiencing speaks to exclusion. This stratification, the charismatic poor, the free worshiping middle class, and enlightenment that wealth falsely provides is a division that sustains the “Corporate Church” hierarchy with all it’s wealth and power. The world sees the hypocrisy and notes this.

This is not a new story by any stretch of the imagination. The rise of conservatism mirrors the rise of the church, which doesn’t equate to a rise in spirituality or a more moral society. Both groups grow in self importance until they implode, which we’re seeing happen before our eyes.

So it’s a simple understanding of more may actually be less. Within this behemoth we call religion few men or woman speak the Gospel truth, which is not to say they don’t speak a truth at all. There’s a tipping point for religion where a few folks together have a peaceful accountability and speak the Gospel truth. As the religion grows the music gets louder and the message becomes noise. This need for power is Human, not blessed. So I stand alone before God and revere His Son.

Take away the titles and draw charts for different religions, denominations, or sects and you will reveal the truth of similarity, which isn’t surprising. Jesus didn’t have disciples as priests, in fact he admonished the thought of a hierarchy of disciples. The fact you can even make a chart should speak to your heart.

Let them keep their riches, titles, and power. You never walk alone with Jesus in your heart. We should never follow another person, only walk with them to paradise as a brother or sister in love. The moment someone speaks with authority walk away and wish them well with a prayer.