Structure of Faith

Are we not as Christians paying tribute to God when we dress or build ornately? How do we separate ourselves from the Mayan, or Egyptian, whose Gold brought them closer to their God, or should we?

So how is the Pope different from the “Wllilaq Umu” which was the Incan high priest. These men considered sacred or holy in their position to the powers that be. Serving in parallel structures of government. Their rituals and traditions cementing their pedigree in lies and lore.

Hypocrisy knows no boundaries and Jesus pointed this out with the Pharisees. Putting rituals, procedure, and positions within our spirituality is akin to trying to organize and stratify love. These are lies the spiritual man uses to fend off religion.

The simple truth is that love is invisible, like the wind. We can’t grasp it or master it as a skill. There are no hierarchies, stratification or organizations that can improve love. It all comes home to faith, trust, and hope. These abstract concepts that fuel the consciousness towards goodness.

The disconnect between the “Modern Church” and the violent spiral our communities are experiencing speaks to exclusion. This stratification, the charismatic poor, the free worshiping middle class, and enlightenment that wealth falsely provides is a division that sustains the “Corporate Church” hierarchy with all it’s wealth and power. The world sees the hypocrisy and notes this.

This is not a new story by any stretch of the imagination. The rise of conservatism mirrors the rise of the church, which doesn’t equate to a rise in spirituality or a more moral society. Both groups grow in self importance until they implode, which we’re seeing happen before our eyes.

So it’s a simple understanding of more may actually be less. Within this behemoth we call religion few men or woman speak the Gospel truth, which is not to say they don’t speak a truth at all. There’s a tipping point for religion where a few folks together have a peaceful accountability and speak the Gospel truth. As the religion grows the music gets louder and the message becomes noise. This need for power is Human, not blessed. So I stand alone before God and revere His Son.

Take away the titles and draw charts for different religions, denominations, or sects and you will reveal the truth of similarity, which isn’t surprising. Jesus didn’t have disciples as priests, in fact he admonished the thought of a hierarchy of disciples. The fact you can even make a chart should speak to your heart.

Let them keep their riches, titles, and power. You never walk alone with Jesus in your heart. We should never follow another person, only walk with them to paradise as a brother or sister in love. The moment someone speaks with authority walk away and wish them well with a prayer.


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