Listen To Me!!!

You’re hearing me within your thoughts
I need you to listen to me with your mind

Your heart can’t listen, it only feels weakness
Your mind screams truths, but you don’t listen, you only hear

It’s you, you have to separate your mind from your heart
Your brain can’t do it alone, no one hears alone

You can’t live in now pulling before and what if in each hand
Let go of spaces you can’t live, and face the day with an open mind

Control can be creative, messy, even spontaneous
So you have no excuse not to listen, hearing is a cop out.

You don’t even look at the words Your sideways glance tells me your in another tense

Darting eyes, fidgeting hands, one word answers.
We might as well be on the phone completing some obligation

Listen to me, look at my words, and let me know you’re here
If not, I’ll soon be too far away for you to hear

Then you’ll listen to me with someone else.


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