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Death of the American Laborer

The platitudes that our national identity rest upon are really not what’s going on “on the ground”. America was founded and fostered by woman and men who worked tirelessly towards a dream. They didn’t have labor laws, degree positions, or a “screw up move up” mentality. “Talkin the talk” was not something that would get you ahead, in most cases you had to “walk the walk”!

Fast forward a bit and you’ll see a time where the only thing that got you promoted was hard work from the ground up. This was before the invasion of the “sheepskin” and our nations education system hijacked labor to the point we’re at today with “corporate colleges” offering degrees for any number of promotions. Sort of like having a principles college, but we call it education leadership to give it some semblance of credibility.

Education isn’t the only “corporate college” they just had to reward theirselves first. The “teachers aid has had to teach the teacher for years. The medical field has hundreds of colleges that catapult incompetence to the point that the worker who sticks it out for 35 years has to endure years of obstacles wading through a minefield of incompetent initials just to change a bed.

They’re still are mechanics out there that can listen to your car and tell you about what’s wrong with it. You ain’t gonna have him work on your car though, cause he ain’t never wore those blue gloves and his hands are stained with grease. He ain’t got no shop cause ASE to him is ace or ass spelt wrong.

Most of these idiots idea of working hard is going to college and having to study and party for 4 years then go to what they actually think is work telling others what to do. Like the first day nurse coming into work telling the 20 year LPN how to manage a patient. Or the construction site supervisor listening to the newly certified project manager with amusement as he tells him how to manage people, materials, and equipment.

The degree both these folks, and others, received is a ticket to climb the ranks on the backs of experience. In some cases the experienced subordinate worker is held accountable for the mistakes of the “certified” worker cause , “they should know better, they been doing this a while”.

There it is in a nutshell. Experience makes you responsible for incompetence no matter where it fails. If you have that ticket you can leave your mistakes in the hands of the more experienced, less educated worker and move into the next failure hoping that one day you’ll “take stock” in your career and finally learn something before you retire.

So now the education system hijacked the workforce and the degrees they hand out are no more than insurance that you’ll be supplied a myriad of more experienced less educated workers to hold your failures while you move onto the next corporate program and get promoted. Sounds about right!!!

I understand the “wheels gotta be greased”. I know that there are wonderful people out there doing great things for our collective good. However, when they’re no states in the country a minimum wage worker can afford a one bedroom apartment it becomes a “greased palm” system that rewards dollars rather than sense.


Riding Coattails!!!

I keep up with my alma matter, The US Army, on a couple soldier sites on Facebook. It’s cool to see some of the characteristics and traditions have withstood the test of time. It’s also frustrating to see the impact the culture wars have had on the military. I was blessed to be led by the leadership during my career, mostly Viet Nam Era career soldiers.

When I was a Drill Instructor we had a problem with vendors and DI’s. It might be the pizza guy who got to deliver hundreds of pizza and passed on the bread for using his service. Could have been the t-shirt guy who gave DI’s free hats and sweatshirts for using his services and ordering hundreds of items.

We stopped this while I was a Drill Instructor as part of a push for excellence in integrity. It was not ethical to benefit, other than emotionally, from our trainees money or loyalty. I missed the free outfits and food , but it was the right thing to do and everyone looked down on this practice.

Now I’m a veteran and I see countless, and I mean countless, number of leaders benefitting from veterans, many who don’t even exist. Then I read about how countless leaders within the Dept of the Navy went along with the “snipergate” lies because it was looking good for the unit and the service.

This “22 a day” sound bite going around got me curious. If we’re losing 22 veterans a day we either have a serious recruiting issue or the nature of war had changed to a degree the leadership has seriously failed. Considering the development of systems and tactics something didn’t feel right.

Veterans are a 21st century boon. There are countless folks out there benefitting from the efforts of our veterans. The number of agencies hammering the VA in an effort to privatize veteran services is astounding. These folks make up stories and misuse statistics to justify their efforts to provide services.

This brings me to “22 a day”. The average age of suicides by veterans in one sample is 60yrs old. Which would put them at the end of the Viet Nam era. The study a also divided the sample by deployed and non deployed. The majority of suicides reported were service members who weren’t deployed. I encourage you to google veteran suicide and “22 a day” also. Look at the reliable studies and inform yourself.

Suicides by veterans is an important issue. If the actual truth is that older veterans who were never deployed are the majority of the suicides then our approach and dollars need to be scrutinized so that folks can’t ride the coattails of veterans for personal gain.
Lead the way!!!


I see it playing with their hair and laughter keeping time with the gentle breeze. I’m in awe they don’t feel the wind or hear the laughter, they just live. Why must I feel every gust.

Leaves cyclone around them, yet still they dance and sing to the whistles of air unnoticed. The earth is spinning its seasons on gales and thermal moments, and the world spins on around me. I seek shelter from something That goes unnoticed.

I gave into the illusion and embraced the sweeping motion of the unseen. I focus on the scent ignorant of the trap or where it came. I no longer acknowledge the world around me or the forces it succumbs. I’m absorbed by the feelings it creates.

I go through pains to justify this existence. My nightmares turned to excuses many seasons ago. Now my nightmare is the wind will have colors everyone will see. My hair no longer blows, dust swirls around my feet leaving debris scattered where my life once lived, and the pain and wind dance around my desires like vines within a fence.

It’s here I’m stuck, intertwined, unable to move. I can only observe life within the links that have bound me. The wind and pain are reminders of the twisted nature of a lie.

You see, the fence, the wind , the pain are all props for the landscape of desire. The elements of a justification for choking my own existence. The links that strangle my ability to move forward. Now I tell myself as many lies as I do everyone else.

There is a me that is free of needs. Within me it’s the weaker self , but she’s resilient. For every lie she tells, there’s a truth that’s sad.

Govt Bullies our Children

It always amazes me how narrow sighted, or minded, folks are when it comes to “issues” surrounding government. Folks get in an uproar and regurgitate sound bites with vehement conviction without giving the issues a single thought. One given I don’t hear much, a government is only as smart as it’s citizens, reveals a lot about America today.

I’m go to skip over the fact government has created scenarios to send our young Americans to go to war for financial gain. I won’t comment on the marriage wars or the Confederate witch hunt. These are all superficial when compared to the rubric used to implement changes without consent, popular voting consent. Our government is attacking us and we’re like the battered spouse afraid to speak out.

This last effort is the straw that broke the camels back. This LGBT farce the President is forcing down our throats because he knows it wouldn’t make it to a vote is unconscionable. He’s taking a fringe issue and forcing it on our children and nobody is reacting. He didn’t threaten corporate America with tax penalties , he didn’t force the military to issue dresses to every Infantryman, he didn’t integrate the restrooms in government buildings. He went right for our children , the most developmentally vulnerable part of our cultures, not to mention the most impressionable. He’s usurped our parentage and is trying to define our children’s future through policy.

We are, families, under attack by the liberal agenda and we are defenseless with a liberal president. These folks seek to define the world our children live in through legislative Bullying. When they pursue these societal and cultural objectives they are telling us they know better and that parenting has limits that are subordinate to state.

I’m not for or against any lifestyle, that’s shallow. Jesus tells me to love humans, regardless, love is the greatest. He also teaches me that I must acknowledge right and wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. Jesus does not teach about hate.

Science, biology, and psychology help me understand that the human species has a normal when it comes to many issues, including sexuality. A man and a woman are normal sexuality for humans. This does not mean I hate folks who don’t express theirselves sexually in a normal fashion. Many of us don’t express part of our humanness in a normal manner, that doesn’t mean we’re evil. Kick it to “the curve” and let it go. As long as no one is trying to force their exceptionality on anyone else we eliminate some of the hate going around on both sides.

Within “the curve” there are a spectrum of differences emanating outward. Wether it’s IQ, physical capability, or psychological condition there has to be a normal. We may not feel good about where one part of our humanness falls within the spectrum, but we don’t all grab banners and slogans to make everyone change their perception. We just understand better that we have differences that some should accept or ignore when addressing us as a person. Don’t define a human by a characteristic.

Our government is doing this now. They’re attempting to define our world, and more important our children’s world through misguided social pressures that have silenced the academic, scientific, and anthropological communities across our nation. We fund billions of dollars to these geniuses with weak intellects afraid to weigh in on every facet out our lives. Food, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, you name it and there are hundreds of thousands of academics afraid to speak up and lose a dollar within their research departments. Government has them by the throat after they castrated them.

We should have learnt something from the civil rights era. There will always be groups that hold onto hate. There are still white and black folks out there keeping the “race balloon” afloat while most of us enjoy diversity within our families. Those racist whites and blacks can be put in the same basket now, we don’t have to acknowledge them.

It ain’t about America at this point that’s a definition in transition for sure. As parents and people we should strive to teach our children the “old school” values of respect and standing up for what is right. These values are universal and will be instrumental in protecting family and American values in the future. There is an enemy, we voted them into office, and now they’re attacking our children. Make a statement this voting season, eliminate incumbents

This may sound extremist, but if you have confidence in the end “The American will rise to the challenge as he/she always has. Yeah, some good folks will get the ax, but there are other good folks out there who will get the message. When you stoop to the level you’re messing with our children, or not protecting them, we’ll use the sharp edge of the ballot to cut you off. I believe everyone sees there’s a need to send a message, but then again they say ignorance is bliss.

Of the earth

Your words stretch across the plane of my existence echoing sentiments like sand or grit through an hourglass with no minutes.

Your parched beliefs leave your tongue swollen in your throat. You can’t speak intelligently choking on your dried up saliva dangling from cracked bleeding yellow lips. Your thoughts wheeze like a dying mans babble.

The sun beats down on your back like a molten hammer as the hot winds refuse to change. Perspiration turns to salt like snowflake as it flies from your hair swaying with exhaustion.

But you will never secede the ground that swallows you whole. Sucking the life out of you And everyone close to you. You’re in desperate need of a mirror to see the damage you’ve inflicted upon your soul, but you proudly worship the mirage that lucidly shimmers ahead of you, knowing the path ahead is futile.

I pray you’ll taste the bile and purge your soul of ignorance. You’re not a moth bound to a light that will kill you. Let go of the gaseous dreams that keep you walking towards death like its heaven on earth. Find the shade, drink from the fount, and rest your soul to nourish your mind.

Step away from the vast desert of waste, you’re not trash to be discarded, you’re human. Feelings are good. You’re the salt of the earth!

Faith with legs and feet!

Show me where Christ put others before his beliefs. Never!!! Not even on the cross when others couldn’t understand did He fall to the pressures of family, culture, or religion. He hung alone with His Father. So where are you justifying being a lamb of men?

How do you justify being a follower? Christ taught us to lead, and step up your game under duress. There are so many layers to society and little room at the top; so who do you bow down to? Parents, Jesus referred to his mother as “woman”! Your community? Jesus rebuked his friends constantly. Your state? Jesus let them have what was theirs. Your church? Jesus put the Pharisees in their place along with the money changers. So how are you sitting around justifying your faith by showing up.

It’s like the guy who’s shows up to work everyday, but doesn’t do anything meaningful, except make others folks job harder. Or the friend or family member who shows up during tragic moments to find out “the scoop”. Or maybe it’s worse. You could be the one who shows up does what their told no matter and is afraid to confront the other two aforementioned folks. Jesus had no problem putting folks on blast.

Maintaining my faith is easier outside of all these places that attempt to define us. Family, culture, religion, government; all of them run contrary to your relationship with Christ. Look how many times He had to get away to come back and set things straight. We’re no different. I’m away right now, and it’s ok.

I know I’ll never be the same Christian again. I’ve had great examples of friends who demonstrated true friendship. I’ve had examples of folks whose faith “has legs and feet”. Now it’s Him and I finding me in this earthly jungle of vines. I’m happy though; and although I’m not in touch with many folks, I’m in touch with Christ and it’s good.

I don’t need religion to understand my salvation and the role it plays with others. I don’t need denominations to do good works. I don’t need corporate bible studies to network and learn about popular beliefs of Christian doctrine. I don’t need prayer groups , we’re all supposed to be doing that anyway, constantly is still a challenge though!

My relationship with Christ is no longer influenced and hopefully the little works I do here and there inspire others to reach out. I don’t hate, but won’t concede. I don’t judge, but I’ll consider. I try and fail daily to rise above my humanness, while remaining humble.

I see through these quasi political religious aristocrats espousing verses and euphemisms for political, financial, and personal gain. They don’t effect my life for the most part, but I keep abreast of the lies and misdeeds that weaken the culture and society I live in. There are beautiful folks out there doing wonderful deeds just for the sake of humanity. These are the heights I aspire to.

I’m stronger in my faith and stronger in my heart. I hope everyone steps out with their faith and we don’t need labels or causes to do good things for the sake of good. Christ will survive religion or denominations in my heart. Until then I’ll just continue to try to look for the good in everyone and pray for the best.