Govt Bullies our Children

It always amazes me how narrow sighted, or minded, folks are when it comes to “issues” surrounding government. Folks get in an uproar and regurgitate sound bites with vehement conviction without giving the issues a single thought. One given I don’t hear much, a government is only as smart as it’s citizens, reveals a lot about America today.

I’m go to skip over the fact government has created scenarios to send our young Americans to go to war for financial gain. I won’t comment on the marriage wars or the Confederate witch hunt. These are all superficial when compared to the rubric used to implement changes without consent, popular voting consent. Our government is attacking us and we’re like the battered spouse afraid to speak out.

This last effort is the straw that broke the camels back. This LGBT farce the President is forcing down our throats because he knows it wouldn’t make it to a vote is unconscionable. He’s taking a fringe issue and forcing it on our children and nobody is reacting. He didn’t threaten corporate America with tax penalties , he didn’t force the military to issue dresses to every Infantryman, he didn’t integrate the restrooms in government buildings. He went right for our children , the most developmentally vulnerable part of our cultures, not to mention the most impressionable. He’s usurped our parentage and is trying to define our children’s future through policy.

We are, families, under attack by the liberal agenda and we are defenseless with a liberal president. These folks seek to define the world our children live in through legislative Bullying. When they pursue these societal and cultural objectives they are telling us they know better and that parenting has limits that are subordinate to state.

I’m not for or against any lifestyle, that’s shallow. Jesus tells me to love humans, regardless, love is the greatest. He also teaches me that I must acknowledge right and wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. Jesus does not teach about hate.

Science, biology, and psychology help me understand that the human species has a normal when it comes to many issues, including sexuality. A man and a woman are normal sexuality for humans. This does not mean I hate folks who don’t express theirselves sexually in a normal fashion. Many of us don’t express part of our humanness in a normal manner, that doesn’t mean we’re evil. Kick it to “the curve” and let it go. As long as no one is trying to force their exceptionality on anyone else we eliminate some of the hate going around on both sides.

Within “the curve” there are a spectrum of differences emanating outward. Wether it’s IQ, physical capability, or psychological condition there has to be a normal. We may not feel good about where one part of our humanness falls within the spectrum, but we don’t all grab banners and slogans to make everyone change their perception. We just understand better that we have differences that some should accept or ignore when addressing us as a person. Don’t define a human by a characteristic.

Our government is doing this now. They’re attempting to define our world, and more important our children’s world through misguided social pressures that have silenced the academic, scientific, and anthropological communities across our nation. We fund billions of dollars to these geniuses with weak intellects afraid to weigh in on every facet out our lives. Food, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, you name it and there are hundreds of thousands of academics afraid to speak up and lose a dollar within their research departments. Government has them by the throat after they castrated them.

We should have learnt something from the civil rights era. There will always be groups that hold onto hate. There are still white and black folks out there keeping the “race balloon” afloat while most of us enjoy diversity within our families. Those racist whites and blacks can be put in the same basket now, we don’t have to acknowledge them.

It ain’t about America at this point that’s a definition in transition for sure. As parents and people we should strive to teach our children the “old school” values of respect and standing up for what is right. These values are universal and will be instrumental in protecting family and American values in the future. There is an enemy, we voted them into office, and now they’re attacking our children. Make a statement this voting season, eliminate incumbents

This may sound extremist, but if you have confidence in the end “The American will rise to the challenge as he/she always has. Yeah, some good folks will get the ax, but there are other good folks out there who will get the message. When you stoop to the level you’re messing with our children, or not protecting them, we’ll use the sharp edge of the ballot to cut you off. I believe everyone sees there’s a need to send a message, but then again they say ignorance is bliss.


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