Death of the American Laborer

The platitudes that our national identity rest upon are really not what’s going on “on the ground”. America was founded and fostered by woman and men who worked tirelessly towards a dream. They didn’t have labor laws, degree positions, or a “screw up move up” mentality. “Talkin the talk” was not something that would get you ahead, in most cases you had to “walk the walk”!

Fast forward a bit and you’ll see a time where the only thing that got you promoted was hard work from the ground up. This was before the invasion of the “sheepskin” and our nations education system hijacked labor to the point we’re at today with “corporate colleges” offering degrees for any number of promotions. Sort of like having a principles college, but we call it education leadership to give it some semblance of credibility.

Education isn’t the only “corporate college” they just had to reward theirselves first. The “teachers aid has had to teach the teacher for years. The medical field has hundreds of colleges that catapult incompetence to the point that the worker who sticks it out for 35 years has to endure years of obstacles wading through a minefield of incompetent initials just to change a bed.

They’re still are mechanics out there that can listen to your car and tell you about what’s wrong with it. You ain’t gonna have him work on your car though, cause he ain’t never wore those blue gloves and his hands are stained with grease. He ain’t got no shop cause ASE to him is ace or ass spelt wrong.

Most of these idiots idea of working hard is going to college and having to study and party for 4 years then go to what they actually think is work telling others what to do. Like the first day nurse coming into work telling the 20 year LPN how to manage a patient. Or the construction site supervisor listening to the newly certified project manager with amusement as he tells him how to manage people, materials, and equipment.

The degree both these folks, and others, received is a ticket to climb the ranks on the backs of experience. In some cases the experienced subordinate worker is held accountable for the mistakes of the “certified” worker cause , “they should know better, they been doing this a while”.

There it is in a nutshell. Experience makes you responsible for incompetence no matter where it fails. If you have that ticket you can leave your mistakes in the hands of the more experienced, less educated worker and move into the next failure hoping that one day you’ll “take stock” in your career and finally learn something before you retire.

So now the education system hijacked the workforce and the degrees they hand out are no more than insurance that you’ll be supplied a myriad of more experienced less educated workers to hold your failures while you move onto the next corporate program and get promoted. Sounds about right!!!

I understand the “wheels gotta be greased”. I know that there are wonderful people out there doing great things for our collective good. However, when they’re no states in the country a minimum wage worker can afford a one bedroom apartment it becomes a “greased palm” system that rewards dollars rather than sense.


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