Twisted Rainbow: creating a division.

I’ve been distracted by life lately as a father, friend, citizen and the host of other things we experience just trying to be us. It overwhelming at times. What’s most overwhelming to me is ignorance.
I hate. That is terrible. As a Christian I shouldn’t hate; I don’t hate anyone in particular, but hate the fact that leaders from all facets of our government, religion, and economy are pushing a narrative down our throats they know is not true. Why do they perpetrate the division?
I believe the smoke and mirrors surrounding black, blue, and white matters in our country is to mask the truth about poverty being the single most important factor between law enforcement and citizens, it’s a crime to be poor.
We see stats being thrown around like some wand with the power of ignorance. Most folks don’t even understand statistics and that’s great if you want to push a narrative with a few video clips and protesters. Most Americans get their news from entertainment sources and don’t even know that, they don’t even know what an editorial or opinion is, and here lies the ignorance, and yes, I meant lies.
The Washington Post has been leading the way by throwing out stats and staggering the results to fit a “blue vs black” narrative. Then once that’s rolling, they switch up to a “white vs black” narrative. Neither of which is more or less than the other within a statistical margin. The poor Hispanics and Asians are looking like they get shot every time they get pulled over, if you follow that narrative “yellow and brown” lives don’t matter. Why am I coloring my world I ask; because that’s the way they frame it.
Those stats are bullshit anyway, they can’t take into account so many factors. Lower socio economic whites come into contact with law enforcement more than middle class Asians, upper class blacks are less likely to be pulled over than lower socio economic Hispanics. What percentage of the races in the census numbers don’t live in areas where policing is heavy, or aggressive. The list of variables is as exhausting as the drama.
To top it all off, in the midst of the effort to shift the narrative to an additional division the Washington Post sneaks a little disclaimer in the narrative about only 6% of the police precincts actually report all of their data. That little disclosure loophole in the Act by congress that requires police to report says they don’t have to report justified police violence. Who do you think determines “justifiable”?
I see many of my friends of all divisions falling for this. Some of my friends are from other countries. It’s embarrassing that we run around chasing ghosts and tear our intellectual might into shreds of dramatic dialog. Not all Americans are falling for this, and many are speaking out about it finally, me included.
If the entertainment industry, (Fox,CNN,and a host of other so called “news” agencies) want to keep us divided for their entertainment that’s fine, just label it PG or R for entertainment and label it contemporary fiction. I ain’t letting this be a legacy of lies that I’ll be associated with.
If your a friend and live in another country I can’t explain in a blog post why some of our politicians are going along for the ride, except to say its election time and they have to have a “big issue” to talk about. Just have faith that most of us ain’t buying it and over time we’ll win the intellectual war.
It takes time to figure these things out if you care to, much more time than an entertainment (news) cycle. We’ll get to the truth of poverty being the one factor that runs through all the colors of this twisted rainbow they’ve created. Being poor and living in the lower socio economic areas of America means you will be policed heavier and more aggressively than the more affluent areas of our country. On the surface that makes sense to many, but not the working poor just “tryin to make a buck” and being harassed on the way home from too many hours and not enough money.
You asshats out there running a game who get caught up and roughed up, I’ll give it back to you how you give it to me when your on the tough side, not whining about cops.
If you gonna be about the life……..


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