American Dream

American Dream
Man stop with that tired ass shit about flags and matters. Bitch you ain’t got no skin in this game and you wanna whine from a distance. It’s my people who matter you Stupid fuck!
My people, “poor folks” who spend their time like their money. Poor folks who ain’t locked up and hustle around town bustin their ass on jobs your lazy ass couldn’t do on a good day, not even in the middle of that middle class mid life exercise crisis you go through, yeah, the one sandwiched between the fat phases that are really you.
I ain’t talkin bout the Mcdonalds eating baby momma and daddy who are poor by choice cause their ass don’t know how to do nothing but structure their day around a TV and a couch. I’m talking about my people, poor folks hustling all day in the sun, in the rain, and within the storm to make a dollar and still find time for their family.
My folks don’t spend money to keep their kids out of the house, they save money and teach their kids how to run a house. I see your nasty little bastards can’t even clean up after themselves, then look through my folks when they come around to make a few dollars by cleaning up after you. It’s ok though cause love is our currency and our account is managed well.
You expect us to feel something about some damn blue and black coloring game. Fuck you! That’s just cops and robbers playing that game then crying when it gets real. If you ain’t about the life, on either side, then get the fuck out.
You talk about that flag like its a marketing sign. My folks know what God and Country is about, cause it’s our sons, and now our daughters, who are going to die for it while those ungrateful little assholes you raise are in college crying about what fucking sex they are, you ain’t about shit!!!
Now we’re gettin ready to vote again so all you plastic niggers, stale crackers, and spray tanned wetbacks are gonna be out here trying to convince us about your “creds” cause your great grandpa had a hustle. Stay where your at bitch. You need my people now for that vote. That white privileged bitch is gonna be out there trying to convince us she’s a “coal miners daughter now”! Get outta here with that shit, we’re figuring just how important we are and you’re ass needs a resume dated in January bitch, and tell your friends bout it too.
There’s two sides to every coin. Most times my folks, poor folks” are invisible. We can clean your houses, yards, and offices while you’re out trashing the inside of your car. You don’t really care about us outside a ballot, but that’s cool. You won’t see us in November either, you’ll just feel us in January when your spouse and kids are looking at you trying to figure out what your lazy ass can do besides run your mouth and live off my folks!


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