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American Man

The echoes of The American Man have been drowned out over the years by barren words and manicured actions of plastic figures that only talk when their strings are pulled. We’ve lost respect for The American Man while he continues to work in silence.

The American Man was born in an uncultivated land where he carved a life out of fertile fields and towering forests. He cut trees, not deals, to build his home. He plowed lands into fields, he had no time to dig dirt to throw on other men’s plot. He wore his “Sunday Best” to honor God and demonstrate his reverence, not everyday as a status symbol covering his excesses.

The American Man was a tool, a weapon, and a machine. Unlike any others he guarded his independence like a family heirloom. The American Man basked in the glow of freedom alert to any shadows between him and his maker. He worked tirelessly for his family and their new found independence and only became a weapon in their defense.

The American Man was an ideal, not a nationality. The American Man was Irish, Moorish, German, etc… He fled the oppression of religion and politics to live free with his God, free of pariahs who lived off the sweat and blood of other men’s efforts.

It didn’t take long for men with lazier continence to form and chip away at his independence. They painted his landscape with banners and stuffed his mouth with creeds that choked his fertile mind with weeds of ignorance. With war comes unity, and this tool stole his emancipation through necessity, and for over 200 years they’ve kept him fighting to protect their interest, to keep him bound to their greed out of fear.

Today we have no lands to discover, there are no continents to occupy. Today we’re headed to another of the many showdowns we’ve witnessed, and participated in over the centuries. The American Man never died because he has no nationality, he has no land, he is freedom. He is not liberty, to have liberty you must be chained, the American Man can’t be chained, he’d sooner die.

The American Man lives across the globe and is aware of the oppression that wealth, greed, and station perpetuate. The American Man is intellectual without education, a weapon without violence, and a tool without limits.

We’ve let weaker men have their paper and promises for too long. These pariahs have appetites that can’t be held by a belt. They will swallow generations and belch lies to make room for your soul. We must stand tall again against oppression. Oppression from within, from plastic men vomiting liquid lies. It won’t come from weapons or violence, these men rely on other men’s muscle; it will come from words and laws that strangle our freedom over time, like the weeds that choke a garden.


Free Man

I fight daily against an enemy of words. The world tries to steal my freedom with names that fit people, but make no sense to a person. All I want to do is honor the pride in my hands, the hands that feed my imagination and my hunger.

I have no color. I’m not a continent, I’m a land to myself. I live where my boundaries take me, not where I am placed. I build a life for my own, not for scavengers to fly above waiting till the time is ripe.

A group is insecure by nature and needs others to validate their beliefs, I need no man to walk the paths of my journey, you may shake my hand, but never my beliefs, so go elsewhere for weaker constitutions.

I see other men joining. I will never join anything but my beloved. I don’t need another mans glory to walk proud. I don’t need clothing and adornments to demonstrate my weakness within another mans prowess, I stand alone. You cannot define a free man, he won’t allow it.
I understand most men seek solace in the company of other men under a banner of past accomplishments by other men, but me, I’m not livestock. I’m brave enough to be free.

Things do not make me, the earth does. My nature is not built of glass and steel, I’m relentless like the growth that overtakes your buildings long after they’ve been abandoned for new fantasies.

I don’t need to be entertained by false displays of bravado or heroism. I fight a war for my existence everyday not to be defined by the ignorance around me. Slogans and creeds are the vines that choke a free man. Banners and flags are just signs of which direction the storm is coming. My mind is outside the realm of incarceration, no matter where my body is.

I wish no man Ill will, nor do I judge a man for being led. We stand where we’re placed, from there we put down roots based on our topography, or keep moving to avoid being cultivated. Germination is more than seeds in dirt, and to stand in awe at the explosion of light throughout your life trying to climb on the backs of other men like weeds in a garden doesn’t create fertile souls. Turning the soul over continuously prepares the mind to consider the spirit.

Stay free my friend. Resist the world and it defining ambitions. Don’t come my way with your seeds of destruction, it will be like planting seeds in a jungle, the wild ones will always take over and define themselves. I wish you a lifetime of calloused hands toiling, and sweating brows dripping, into your own pastoral bliss.

Places and Spaces

I can see things, not with my eyes, with my heart and soul. This is a place where feelings rule and pictures are secondary. A place where the sand is more than a beach.

I can feel things, not with my hands, with my being. This is a place where the wind is suspect and memories Pail in comparison. A place where feelings leave emotions behind.

I can sense things, not with my mind, but with my spirit. This is a place where my being is touched by the past alerting me to the future. A place where the present is only where I stand and my spirit conspires with my soul to take me other places.

These spaces are a moment. A moment of tranquil confidence and now doesn’t exist. A place for dreams to flirt with reality making Heaven a possibility.