American Bastard

Fuck De Tocqueville, we didn’t need the observations of some privileged foreign prick to enhance our culture or politics. A quick glance backwards reminds us we left Europe behind, almost.

In fact, those lunatic left wing pigeons and right wing vultures can kiss the “American Ass” too; they created the gap for foreign influence to creep back in by intentionally dividing the nation for their own intellectual and financial gain.

The truth is none of them know what being an “American” entails. The foreigners are just meddling from afar on what they hear through the airwaves because they’re trying to ignore their own peril.
The left doesn’t have a clue because they are trying to create an America that will never exist. What we’re living now in America is the truth of the American experience. The undulating rhythm of society and culture is part of who we are. It’s how we find our center, the fringes always fray and fly off into the distant future.

The right is so insulated financially and politically they don’t have a clue. They latch onto a few truths like freedom, guns, and church to further their goals. It’s how Rick Warren was so successful with his “purpose driven everything”. It’s how Bernie Maddoff was a genius one minute and a pariah the next. It’s also how the NRA became. Why do we need an organization to protect a right to own a gun because criminals misuse them, and what gives the government the right to even think they have a say. We will continue to carry our flasks and pistols to church and tithe a little less than we can, so fuck off.

We, Americans, don’t need any interference from the right, left, or from outside our borders. None of you know what “my America” is about. I’m free to participate or not, be poor or wealthy, even to be a patriot or rebel. Chances are throughout my life I’ll be all of the above, and here in America I have that choice.

So all you globalist, financial or social, take your dreams and find another country. We’re sick of you telling us what truth is. We’re tired of your hyperbolic emotional outbursts. We’re tired of your privileged rants about shit you know nothing. The true American is a bottom of the 9th, 2 strikes, 3 balls kind of person so be careful what you throw at us.

Remember, we medicate our poor for diabetes cause their obese, we suck the life outta the working man so he can finance the retirements of the rest, we give our upper middle class addicts prescriptions so they aren’t viewed as junkies. We give weapons to folks so we’ll have an enemy to fight. We are free to do this because our country and it’s political system are so terrible at politics we made them TV stars to entertain us.

I hear your accents on public airwaves. I spot your tea cups sitting on talk show props. I see your headlines using American success as the reason for your failures. Bullshit. You think you can create a Utopia, cool, we’ll rent you some desert property where you can sit crossed leg and smoke whatever you please. Hell, we’ll even accept you back into the fold when your legs get numb. You don’t believe me, ask a yuppie!!!

Bottom line is we don’t need foreigners meddling in our culture. We don’t need the left wing pigeons cooing over imagined realities. We don’t need right winged vultures circling our bank accounts. We need to remember that freedom is not given, that’s emancipation. Freedom is natural and from birth to death and beyond it shouldn’t even be a term associated with the human experience in America.

Go find a ruler elsewhere!!!


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