I don’t take dietary suggestions from fat men. Not would I invest my money through a gambler. I feel the same way of philosophy. This German recluse living in Switzerland whose become popular amongst the millennials and 90 babies is a non sequitur.

I think he would fit right in today though. He could hide in dark rooms wearing a superman cape snap chatting masculine photos while enjoying his weekly glass of milk.

It’s really a shame that folks are dragging this guy out of his madness as some sort of yuppie icon. By all accounts he was a contradiction to his own musings. How can you demonstrate your own will outside of a society. You can’t, you’d go nuts, just as he did.

I don’t mean to negate the guy as a thinker. Hell, I can learn how not to be overweight by watching a fat man eat. And this I think is the best approach to this guy. Read him in a mirror.

Zarathustra, really, that’s just ridiculous. I understand he was filling a void in philosophy after the revolutions where philosophy failed to provide a solution. So he hid in dark corners and wrote brave suppositions, but is that really an übermensch, or is it a mad man looking for what he wished he could achieve. More likely he’d know a guy who knew a guy.

I’m not gonna pick on a psychiatric patient, that’s just plain insensitive. His mental state shouldn’t be part of his ridicule, but it is part of who he was. His own desire to demonstrate strength of will broke his own. Again, I can learn what not to do from anyone’s mistakes.

I am not implying that I am an übermensch, or that my thoughts could hold a candle to his heyday. I am bemused by how this guy rose to prominence writing philosophies that contradicted who he was. I’m assuming that getting published and writing something about God being dead during his time is akin to the “I kissed a girl” hype created by female pop singers in our time. There never was such thing as bad publicity.

I don’t like or dislike this guy. I just get a kick out of the hype surrounding raising a mad man from his grave for clarity within a time 100 years after his last incoherent babble. Maybe that’s how he becomes the übermensch. Some sort of twisted Schopenhauer Buddhist reincarnation.

In the end he is as others, interpreted. This is the danger of reading mad men. We never really can rely on meaning. Following this guy maybe akin to joining a cult or sitting at the feet of some guru, who knows. I’ll take him with a grain of salt and throw the rest over my shoulder.

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