Blue lights flash over red in the grease licked water rainbows making waves along the sidewalk. Somber faces bow slightly under crisp caps and hoodies. Heads shake slightly at the bodies sprawled out in chalk waiting for the gurney.

It was a terrible day for many and a triumph for fate. Two hearts beat towards each other in a collision predetermined. Only still with the reflection of a badge in the streetlight, the other splayed out with blood running down over his neck partially blotting out the 4 and the 8 on his “1488” tattoo making it look like 1108, the time resting on my watch as I looked once more in disbelief.

Fate brought these two together. Family tradition and culture being the wheels that turnt them in their respective directions. No one would guess at their insignificance, both were loved and supported in their endeavors by family and friends with strong convictions. Both for justice, heritage, and the belief that their lifestyle was under attack, and they would take a stand or take the fall.

Life has value and it’s beyond family, culture, or nationality. It’s humanity. How life unfolds is not our concern, that it does unfold is our duty as fellow humans. There are bad people who do good things and good people who do bad things. In the end we need people doing things to make the world complete. God new this and free will is our reminder.

It takes some humbling to believe this, and I’m still on this journey. I fiercely believe in protecting my loved ones, but I’m learning I can do that in many ways. I’m learning that we’re told not to judge because it creates hostility, rather than understanding. I’m learning that forgiveness is freedom. I’m learning this from within, because without it I’m just another hypocrite.


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