April Full

“April Fools Day”, dreaded or anticipated, is an “off guard” experience. I awaken alert to the possibility that before breakfast I’ll be duped. I resolutely descend the staircase to laughter and the smell of bacon and coffee. My consolation.

“Good Morning” echoes through the wall of wooden cabinets lining the kitchen just above the mornings clutter of dishes, empty containers, and eggshells. The work never ends!

“Morning” I reply. Leaving the “good” for posterity. I have a character to maintain. Resolved that “it’s” coming I sit down to a cup of motivation anticipating the beginning of the “Day of Lies”.

“What’s on the list this morning?” I ask with feigned interest. “I’ve got to clean out the stalls before taking “Smoke” to the veterinarian at noon.” I weakly State.

“What’s wrongs with smoke?” Emelia asks. “I thought we were taking the truck to the mechanics shop for the transmission this morning.”

“That’s Friday”, I reply as the coffee fuels my brain to decipher the two questions thrown like darts. “Smoke has a busted up leg from getting caught up in the wire yesterday. He’ll be fine in a couple days.”

“So that’s where those cuts on your arm came from.” Emelia accused. “I can help for an hour or so with the barn, smells like fun! She joked. And off we went to clean the barn.

“Surprise!!!” I was lost for a moment. Shouting people and sudden light filtered through my brain. Around me stood my sons with their families, my daughter and her fiancé, who’s way to soft to be found in a barn, and my best friends John and Linda. All staring at me with smug smiles. Then it came with a thunder. “April Fools!!!” I sunk my head and removed my hat to run my fingers through my hair before staring everyone down.

Then I noticed that something was out of place. The barn was spotless. The truck was parked at the other end just outside the door and Smoke wasn’t in his stall. “Where’s Smoke” I asked firmly. I don’t play around about my horse, especially since he was all banged up.
“Doc Grunner agreed to pick him up last night while you were soaking your bruises. He called this morning and said the ornery bastard was fine and eating all his feed. He’ll have him back on Saturday.” My son JR stated rather informatively.

“And the truck?” I asked with my time honored resolute tone. “How’d it get up here at the barn?”

John piped up with laughter in his voice. “Not sure why you’re even asking. That damned truck been sitting in the field since we were farming dirt for mud bricks. Turns out it wasn’t the transmission, it was the clutch. Melia, (that’s was his name for Emelia) asked me to check it out last week. I got the parts over at Joe’s salvage and fixed it on Wednesday while you was at the auction.”

“Unbelievable, ya’all been busy behind my back, but this don’t feel like “April Fools”, feels like Christmas, or my birthday! I said

Emelia laughed, “we’re all well aware of how you feel about this day, and we knew you’d be on the lookout for some trickery. So we decided to fool you in a good way!”

“Yeah, cause if it was your birthday you’d be on guard at every moment for your surprise party. That makes this a double fools day! John said jokingly.

There were tables with the breakfast things I hadn’t noticed were missing strewn out. Chairs all around and laughter in the air mixed with hay and manure. Turned out to be a good morning after all. That day was free of chores now and everyone celebrated like it was a holiday.

That evening as I sat out front on the porch rockin, smokin, and drinkin it occurred to me that I’d been a fool all my life. I spent too much time workin, thinkin, and worryin.

I had glimpses of my blessins on holidays or special occasions, but they were always a sort a interruption. Sittin here now I realize all those years they couldn’t fool me, because I was the fool, and fools don’t pay attention to nothin in front of them. They spend their time dreaming of tomorrow or frettin about yesterday.

I think I’ll just leave that fool behind and enjoy now forever. I can’t go wrong with that. I have a full life, I’ll leave the fools life to someone else. From now on every day is gonna April full!!!


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