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Death of The American

A man not clear in his faith is not clear in his thoughts. Either you are or your not, faithful. About what may matter less than an indecisive mind about your own persona. A man in the middle has two masters ruling his existence.

Creeds, oaths, and constitutions are facades for men with a weaker continence. An American was never intended to be part of a government, quite the contrary, a government was meant to be part of a man to protect the interests of those with which he communes.

Throughout his life, an American, uses his time to protect his life and liberty. Neither are afforded by any other man or entity. He develops his strength physically, mentally, and intellectually as to provide for his interests and the interest of those with whom he communes.

A free man stands alone with allegiance to principles, not people or governments. He may have to bear faith and allegiance to an ideal bigger than himself at times to protect his liberty, but his principles do not change, and in the absence of threat he returns his allegiance to himself and his interests. This is the point of the word “bear” in the oath a soldier takes. He must endure the subjugation of his liberty for a time as to protect the greater interest of his liberty. This is a temporary state within the life of an American.

I hear “let freedom ring!” I see pristine flags wisping in the winds of time. I watch parades and ceremonies where Americans glorify the deeds of our Nation. What I don’t see is liberty and independence. I see dependence and authority established without resistance.

Americans calling for more laws while stripping the independent man of his liberty. Americans dividing over resources they didn’t sweat for provided by politicians who own nothing but a plastic title. I see leadership redefined for those weaker men to be considered consensus. I hear lies that Americans ignore for a larger piece of a pie that’s been sitting in the window sill way to long to be edible. I feel we’re lost.

We’ve been so far removed from what it means to be an American weaker men have diluted liberty and independence to compromise and control. We were never intended to be ruled. Read the documents. Pay attention to the language. Understand liberty, understand independence, comprehend the nuances of phrases like “bear true faith and allegiance, these are temporary states of being that have rode the lie of pride into a subjugated existence that’s portrayed as free, you’re not free, wake up.

I bear what dealings I have with institutions like government for the greater good of my interests and the interests of those I love. I bore truth faith and allegiance throughout a career in the military. I sacrificed freedom, therefore I understand that’s over. My allegiance is to my interests now and benefit citizens I’ll never meet or shake hands with, I am no longer my government.

We are in a war within that most cannot see. This war, if lost, will compromise all that it means to be American. I’m not speaking about being patriotic, I’m speaking of independence. I’m not speaking of pride, I’m speaking of respect. I’m not speaking of unity, I’m speaking of liberty. If we remember and understand what it means to be an American and act as such, this will provide for the common defense.

Americans were never meant to be a government, a religion, a party or race. We were meant to be independent folks who cared enough about our liberty and independence that at times we would sacrifice those principles for our greater good, then return home with our allegiance to our own endeavors.

We are in danger. Too many of us are governed by weaker men with goals other than our independence and liberty. They can’t give us liberty, it’s ours inalienably. They can’t give us independence, it’s our heritage. They can’t give us freedom, only take it, and this has been the path for far too long. Stand up alone, be proud of yourself, and let no man govern you into a subjugated state of illusion!


Cops & Robbers

When we discuss fast food and obesity, we talk about the quality and greed of the fast food industry; and the discipline and lifestyle of the obese person. When we talk about addiction we sometimes talk about the greed and quantity of medication marketed by the pharmaceutical industry and the weakness of folks who make the mistake of getting involved with drugs. When we discuss education we discuss how parents aren’t doing enough at home and teachers aren’t producing “test scores” that reflect the education industries goals. When we hear about healthcare we hear about doctors and patient greed. This ignorance of our current “industrial revolution confounds me!

I know I’m not on an island here. Many folks understand this era we are living in is the “real industrial revolution”. We’ve industrialized every facet of life in America. The rubric is so obvious it’s invisible. There is a neat, (safe) structure to our function and dysfunction as citizens, we can generate profit from everything in America from misbehaving children to criminal investing of corporate finances.

The healthcare/medical industries benefit immensely; we’re born in a hospital, return throughout our lives, and eventually we end up in the dirt with a stone over our head. I’ll stop there for brevities sake, but in reality there is a post existence industry developing as we breathe; that’s just who we are.

So observing this I am confounded we don’t put policing, or justice, in the same vein. Crime makes as much money as all these other industries. The shows on TV and the internet depict some wannabe gangster with a bandana over his face cooking the latest version of his pharmaceutical counterparts answer to everyone’s problem. What they don’t depict is the untraceable amount of money the police industry receives to militarize its forces and play cops and robbers. Both sides are part of the industry.

As responsible citizens we failed to step forward and thwart the governments quick answer to fighting rising crime rates; getting bigger guns, cooler vehicles, and military armor was never going to solve the rising crime problem, it just raised the stakes. Some smart folks in California knew this years ago when a couple crooks got their own body armor and walked down the street taking shots like Soldiers in an urban nightmare. The police and the criminals are all part of the game and as citizens we have to “Police” both. No “Player” in the game of crime is exempt from responsible oversight if we want to have a peaceful existence as American citizens.

We are never gonna eliminate crime. It cannot happen. Understanding this as the premise for our approach is fundamental in demilitarizing our police industry. We need law enforcement folks who are trained first. That’s the one one military principal the law enforcement industry must have cut funds. If you want to have a “Para Military” police force, you should protect the Officer and the citizens through training or else folks will end up dead, as we’ve seen. Training could have prevented these latest tragedies.

The shootings resulting in deaths are obvious training shortfalls, and I’m not blaming the officer, it’s the leadership that is responsible for the guy with “boots on the ground”. Firing multiple shots at an unarmed citizen is a sign of fear and unfamiliarity with the weapon you have and it’s capability. Choking someone out is what some young kids watching UFC too much do in their back yard when their bored. Any respectable “trained fighter” knows that it takes less force and effort to incapacitate someone through joint manipulation or pressure points than it does to choke someone out. That officer was untrained in “Martial Arts”, or at best improperly trained. He was acting like a bored teenager who just watched a UFC fight night and applied his favorite “move” on the weakest friend in the crowd.

All the leadership seems to do is hide behind news commentary and social problems. The leadership in the law enforcement industry failed us as citizens, and unfortunately just failed two Officers and their families; and now their hiding behind attacks on controversial figures and news commentary to hide the real fact that they changed the policing philosophy and didn’t understand the dynamics behind their approach; they just sat around in awe of the new budgets and enjoyed the spending at the expense of the Officers on the ground and the citizens they policed.

The reason there’s no clear solution is because the real problem is hiding behind mahogany doors and neatly organized pieces of paper lined with numbers and dollar signs. There are plenty of conversations around water coolers about political figures leading law enforcement as a statement of there strength when the real “Officers” with “Policing” experience are left out of the conversation because the reality of what works in policing isn’t popular and won’t further the cause of the careers of many political figures. If we “De-politicize” the nature of American police forces we would see a “De-militarization” of the way our criminals are going about their business, because the “Officers” who’ve been dealing with criminals for years know that “sticking your chest out” to folks who ain’t thinking straight to begin with ain’t gonna result in nothing but a fight, we have to be the bigger man sometimes and that’s what “Cops” do.

Why on earth would they need to prove some masculine principal to some dude who has been suffering from a twisted view of “being tough” cause he never had a male figure in his life that taught him how to be a man, and the woman around him taught him he was the “Man of the House” while he was telling an adult what to do. Just an example, we don’t have time for that conversation!

If your writing about any of these latest incidents and you claim the title of “Writer”. “Commentator”, “Journalist”, etc.. “Man Up”! Those titles indicate your a thinker. If you’re out there looking for a headline to further your status, go for it! Just know we who do think see right through you and your false sentiment about the folks involved. Or you can criticize my style and grammar as a reason to not write the truth, that’s another popular approach. That’s cool though, I don’t aspire to be part of your group anyway, I’m a criminal, patriot, American, leader, etc… Most of all I’m human and pissed at the deceit surrounding these incidents.

Everyone has to “Protect and Serve” bitch. This whole ongoing “Fiasco” is proof of how a responsible free press can help or hinder “American Citizens”. So maybe cops, robbers, politicians, and writers should all spend a few minutes with their “Hands Up”, at least no one would hurt or killed for a few minutes!