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Thoughts on truth and knowledge

Every stroke of the pen brings me closer to the realization that thought is the pathway to all peace. The rigors of survival require ingenuity and fortitude. The constant nature of thought within empty spaces of freedom, untethered to the directed realization that thrive on mutual ignorance, protect us from disaster.

It’s alone where ideas are bold and independent. Consensus is for the weak. To dilute your thought with the intention of others is to rob the world of truth. This is not to say we should reject or dismiss the value of opinion; we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the response to our thought. Great thoughts are validated by time.

Boldness is not a character reserved for the warrior. The thinking man must attack his ideas with the same doggedness as an individual in a life and death battle. These warriors, of words or war, don’t protect their victories or care how they survived, they move on to the next battle with their lessons in hand.

We, citizens of the world, are in a battle with no armor or weapons. There’s a war being waged against our philosophical sense like none in history. An organized offensive that challenges our base of knowledge using opinion and persuasion to attack and infiltrate our sense of what it means to be human, spiritual, and patriotic. They wish to define your thought, direct your thought for their own financial and philosophical profit.

This is the critical hour for critical thinking. We need an Army of thinkers to launch a barrage of thought onto a field of dreamers. Wake up the sense of the common man against the well funded army of idiots using entertainment as a research laboratory for imaginary subjects creating imaginary truths.

Truth stems from reality, not vice versa. Only those brazen enough to blind the masses believe otherwise. Reality doesn’t change and truth relies on this priori path of circular enlightenment. Questioning truth is fundamental. Validating those questions leads to knowledge. However, the question is where the work begins, and just because you have an answer doesn’t mean you have a truth.

The warriors who hold truth must continue to rule while the dreamers challenge reality. It can’t be the opposite or compromise. It must be the rigors of true knowledge that lead us. This does not mean we stifle thought like an oppressive beast of ignorance. Free thought has value, like speculation, or fantasy.

I’m looking for those stalwart minds that stand firm on the grounds of truths. Those minds that evaluate consensus and speak up for realities within the truths of our times. Too many minds have been computerized into submission. Merely aping responses without thought are the fortitude to test what they’ve regurgitated.

We are a world within ourselves capable of creating within the constructs of our environment. We are capable of hypothesizing possibilities within and outside of these constructs. We are capable of destruction as well as construction if we lack the adherence to basic principles as protections from dreamers and mad men.

There are a myriad of examples of great thinkers whom we learned much from. However, if we would have followed them into the path of illusion we surely would live in a crueler world, Nietzsche comes to mind.

There are great ways to think and great thoughts. There are simple ways of thinking and simple thoughts. We can learn from each of these if knowledge and truth are our honest pursuits. You are what you think so protect your senses with a heart towards humanity.


Walking with Him

Christ is our personal example because he loved humans enough to confront their faults with empathy, but most of us are blinded like children to the magic of the story.

I loathe these flocks of station that reduce our Savior to a miracle or moral to support their claims to privilege. They minimize Christ in their denominational divisions with an air of spiritual superiority that transcends hypocrisy. Christ is freedom because he was free.

He had no church. He despised the temple and what it had become; and he was at odds with the religious leaders of the times because he saw through their hypocrisy. Why would we think he would view today’s church in any other manner?

Christ didn’t carry a Bible, he was the New Testament. A testament to love, forgiveness, and selfless virtues. He didn’t fear opposition, he welcomed it with words of wisdom. All we have today is the dizziness of orators offering interpretations based on ideologies competing for tithes. What Jesus received, was received for others, through him we were blessed.

Today, maybe more than ever, our body is our temple. Our bible is kept at home for a reason. Build your temple on His life and you can’t go wrong. You don’t need another man to tell you to love and respect others. You don’t have to be part of any group to offer a hand up. All you need is to feel the humanity that Jesus highlighted and appended your mind, heart, and arms to the world.

I’ve seen His spirit in many people. Some through their acts, others through their words. Ive seen this with my own heart. So those of you selling faith can walk on by, because my mind is open to a world of wonder where my heart can roam free and my arms can embrace people who are mired in religion. You can’t “walk with Jesus” sittin in a pew!

Places and Spaces

I can see things, not with my eyes, with my heart and soul. This is a place where feelings rule and pictures are secondary. A place where the sand is more than a beach.

I can feel things, not with my hands, with my being. This is a place where the wind is suspect and memories Pail in comparison. A place where feelings leave emotions behind.

I can sense things, not with my mind, but with my spirit. This is a place where my being is touched by the past alerting me to the future. A place where the present is only where I stand and my spirit conspires with my soul to take me other places.

These spaces are a moment. A moment of tranquil confidence and now doesn’t exist. A place for dreams to flirt with reality making Heaven a possibility.

Of the earth

Your words stretch across the plane of my existence echoing sentiments like sand or grit through an hourglass with no minutes.

Your parched beliefs leave your tongue swollen in your throat. You can’t speak intelligently choking on your dried up saliva dangling from cracked bleeding yellow lips. Your thoughts wheeze like a dying mans babble.

The sun beats down on your back like a molten hammer as the hot winds refuse to change. Perspiration turns to salt like snowflake as it flies from your hair swaying with exhaustion.

But you will never secede the ground that swallows you whole. Sucking the life out of you And everyone close to you. You’re in desperate need of a mirror to see the damage you’ve inflicted upon your soul, but you proudly worship the mirage that lucidly shimmers ahead of you, knowing the path ahead is futile.

I pray you’ll taste the bile and purge your soul of ignorance. You’re not a moth bound to a light that will kill you. Let go of the gaseous dreams that keep you walking towards death like its heaven on earth. Find the shade, drink from the fount, and rest your soul to nourish your mind.

Step away from the vast desert of waste, you’re not trash to be discarded, you’re human. Feelings are good. You’re the salt of the earth!

Faith with legs and feet!

Show me where Christ put others before his beliefs. Never!!! Not even on the cross when others couldn’t understand did He fall to the pressures of family, culture, or religion. He hung alone with His Father. So where are you justifying being a lamb of men?

How do you justify being a follower? Christ taught us to lead, and step up your game under duress. There are so many layers to society and little room at the top; so who do you bow down to? Parents, Jesus referred to his mother as “woman”! Your community? Jesus rebuked his friends constantly. Your state? Jesus let them have what was theirs. Your church? Jesus put the Pharisees in their place along with the money changers. So how are you sitting around justifying your faith by showing up.

It’s like the guy who’s shows up to work everyday, but doesn’t do anything meaningful, except make others folks job harder. Or the friend or family member who shows up during tragic moments to find out “the scoop”. Or maybe it’s worse. You could be the one who shows up does what their told no matter and is afraid to confront the other two aforementioned folks. Jesus had no problem putting folks on blast.

Maintaining my faith is easier outside of all these places that attempt to define us. Family, culture, religion, government; all of them run contrary to your relationship with Christ. Look how many times He had to get away to come back and set things straight. We’re no different. I’m away right now, and it’s ok.

I know I’ll never be the same Christian again. I’ve had great examples of friends who demonstrated true friendship. I’ve had examples of folks whose faith “has legs and feet”. Now it’s Him and I finding me in this earthly jungle of vines. I’m happy though; and although I’m not in touch with many folks, I’m in touch with Christ and it’s good.

I don’t need religion to understand my salvation and the role it plays with others. I don’t need denominations to do good works. I don’t need corporate bible studies to network and learn about popular beliefs of Christian doctrine. I don’t need prayer groups , we’re all supposed to be doing that anyway, constantly is still a challenge though!

My relationship with Christ is no longer influenced and hopefully the little works I do here and there inspire others to reach out. I don’t hate, but won’t concede. I don’t judge, but I’ll consider. I try and fail daily to rise above my humanness, while remaining humble.

I see through these quasi political religious aristocrats espousing verses and euphemisms for political, financial, and personal gain. They don’t effect my life for the most part, but I keep abreast of the lies and misdeeds that weaken the culture and society I live in. There are beautiful folks out there doing wonderful deeds just for the sake of humanity. These are the heights I aspire to.

I’m stronger in my faith and stronger in my heart. I hope everyone steps out with their faith and we don’t need labels or causes to do good things for the sake of good. Christ will survive religion or denominations in my heart. Until then I’ll just continue to try to look for the good in everyone and pray for the best.

Structure of Faith

Are we not as Christians paying tribute to God when we dress or build ornately? How do we separate ourselves from the Mayan, or Egyptian, whose Gold brought them closer to their God, or should we?

So how is the Pope different from the “Wllilaq Umu” which was the Incan high priest. These men considered sacred or holy in their position to the powers that be. Serving in parallel structures of government. Their rituals and traditions cementing their pedigree in lies and lore.

Hypocrisy knows no boundaries and Jesus pointed this out with the Pharisees. Putting rituals, procedure, and positions within our spirituality is akin to trying to organize and stratify love. These are lies the spiritual man uses to fend off religion.

The simple truth is that love is invisible, like the wind. We can’t grasp it or master it as a skill. There are no hierarchies, stratification or organizations that can improve love. It all comes home to faith, trust, and hope. These abstract concepts that fuel the consciousness towards goodness.

The disconnect between the “Modern Church” and the violent spiral our communities are experiencing speaks to exclusion. This stratification, the charismatic poor, the free worshiping middle class, and enlightenment that wealth falsely provides is a division that sustains the “Corporate Church” hierarchy with all it’s wealth and power. The world sees the hypocrisy and notes this.

This is not a new story by any stretch of the imagination. The rise of conservatism mirrors the rise of the church, which doesn’t equate to a rise in spirituality or a more moral society. Both groups grow in self importance until they implode, which we’re seeing happen before our eyes.

So it’s a simple understanding of more may actually be less. Within this behemoth we call religion few men or woman speak the Gospel truth, which is not to say they don’t speak a truth at all. There’s a tipping point for religion where a few folks together have a peaceful accountability and speak the Gospel truth. As the religion grows the music gets louder and the message becomes noise. This need for power is Human, not blessed. So I stand alone before God and revere His Son.

Take away the titles and draw charts for different religions, denominations, or sects and you will reveal the truth of similarity, which isn’t surprising. Jesus didn’t have disciples as priests, in fact he admonished the thought of a hierarchy of disciples. The fact you can even make a chart should speak to your heart.

Let them keep their riches, titles, and power. You never walk alone with Jesus in your heart. We should never follow another person, only walk with them to paradise as a brother or sister in love. The moment someone speaks with authority walk away and wish them well with a prayer.


The early morning quite breeze whispers across my mind. I fear closing my eyes for being taken to places loved or feared. My soul travels on the wind laughing at my dreams.

Even the still moments scream within my apprehension. My body sits still like prey in a copse of trees while my mind races to feel what’s coming. Life can’t be silent, danger is silent just outside of peace.

I fear no man. I fear the ripples of his greed. I’m apprehensive about the sun shining off his generosity. I loathe his intention. I search for a space where honesty doesn’t have a definition. Where empathy mocks sympathy with truth. A place where nothing is all we have.

The air between people is clean and safe to breathe, where intention is replaced with curiosity. A safe place where ownership is the history of fools. Everyone accepts their faults with pride and their gifts with humility. It seems holding my breath is the only way to this space, but who lives to tell about that.

So for now I have to construct this person you think you know. I have to color and shade my soul to protect my heart from the lies we’ve created as truths to breathe the same air.

I have a sanctuary though. A place to be me without fear or apprehension. I can take the constructs off like a smoking jacket and breathe easy unafraid to dream. I know the air is safe. A place where we are the intention.

It’s within your arms that the numbness of the cold melts my heart and frees my soul. One long embrace exhaled and I’m free to think and move without the stiffness of him. We are the freedom that I live and die. It’s never lonely and gives me the strength to be him everyday. You are home!!!