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Incantations vibrate across space
And time ripples with intent
Through open minds

Smoke rises
From ashes of hope
Lifting our spirits high above reality

Auroras sway to a rhythmic beat
Illuminating the mysterious
Colors of emotion

Seasons revolve
Around the light of day
Highlighting the need for tomorrow

It’s hope that shines within our soul
Warming our heart to our mind
With balance

We’re connected
Within this space that separates
Our flesh from our shared humanity.

We can’t see or touch this spirit
With our consciousness
In the way

We feel the world
With our intent to connect within
And be part of the worlds emotion

What we say and do means little
If what we feel is disconnected
From our heart

The universe
Is within us and constant
Our soul guides our spirits home

So I become we and the true nature
Of us is realized in quiet moments
Alone in the dark



I sit in calm silence watching, listening
Branches sway and leaves rustle in the distance
Birds chirp above the distant vehicles rumbling.

This battle for my attention pulls at my intellect
Nature surrounds my soul interrupted by noise
Street sounds, mechanical babble, and human neglect

Sometimes it’s just rubber rolling on asphalt
The wind picks up and my senses return to a place
A place where only my DNA has dwelt

Moments of peace return
cardinals darting in the breeze
Red or grey flecked moments burn

And here i dwell between peace and prosperity
Wedged in a time without tense
Holding into what little still makes sense


I see it playing with their hair and laughter keeping time with the gentle breeze. I’m in awe they don’t feel the wind or hear the laughter, they just live. Why must I feel every gust.

Leaves cyclone around them, yet still they dance and sing to the whistles of air unnoticed. The earth is spinning its seasons on gales and thermal moments, and the world spins on around me. I seek shelter from something That goes unnoticed.

I gave into the illusion and embraced the sweeping motion of the unseen. I focus on the scent ignorant of the trap or where it came. I no longer acknowledge the world around me or the forces it succumbs. I’m absorbed by the feelings it creates.

I go through pains to justify this existence. My nightmares turned to excuses many seasons ago. Now my nightmare is the wind will have colors everyone will see. My hair no longer blows, dust swirls around my feet leaving debris scattered where my life once lived, and the pain and wind dance around my desires like vines within a fence.

It’s here I’m stuck, intertwined, unable to move. I can only observe life within the links that have bound me. The wind and pain are reminders of the twisted nature of a lie.

You see, the fence, the wind , the pain are all props for the landscape of desire. The elements of a justification for choking my own existence. The links that strangle my ability to move forward. Now I tell myself as many lies as I do everyone else.

There is a me that is free of needs. Within me it’s the weaker self , but she’s resilient. For every lie she tells, there’s a truth that’s sad.

One in a billion

Keep your mind open its too beautiful to close. There’s a paradise within your thoughts that kiss the universe with sweetness. The world will try to put up walls to your happiness, don’t withdraw towards the darkness, it’s cold out there.

I’ve traveled through those dark moments cold and lonely. I would close my eyes and the sun had no warmth, like lights in an office filled with fear. Blindly I stumbled forward towards any measure of warmth, but when I opened my eyes it was just dank and dark.

Those places aren’t real, the people are pale and withdrawn for fear of the light. Ignorance knows no bounds, but hides an army in shadowed corners. Don’t settle, boldly walk out into the light and absorb your inheritance with a glimmering smile, you are one of the billion!

I don’t want to be burnt by the light of thought, but illuminated by the source that forces billions of beams to intertwine towards warmth for every space it touches. Even the residue of my thoughts can reach dark places for others to crawl away.

My mind is open to you and us as a universe. My thoughts revolve around the light of hope, and my heart sends a pulse around the world seeking connections stronger than a summer breeze. The seasons of my life are universal.

My consciousness is an aurora undulating with every molecule of existence. I can’t separate my fears from your hopes, my dreams from your reality. Together they’ll find a way like the wind leaves a calm quiet day of possibilities.

Dust and Me

Each Time you step on my heart dust clouds at my feet. I stare at the particles of my life swirling in the sunlight with a blank stare. No thoughts or hopes to begin again, just dirt as a backdrop.
The whole world is outside of me and I stand still and alone within myself. It’s safe here amongst the memories and dirt. This must be how flowers get their beauty. They have no intention to bargain with, just the freedom of the breeze.

Inside my shell I’m the seed of contentment growing within, protected from the elements, protected from you. I see you staring at my self, but you can’t have me. I’ve germinated with all the shit you’ve put me through. Now I can sprout leaves and absorb the light of others.

Dust has no roots! I wave in the spring breeze as piece by particle the wind blows you further away till the tears finally wash away your remnants. I love the space I occupy now, it clean and free of debris, and you.

All those dead branches and leaves lie in the summer sun now, brittle and frail awaiting decay. I have no time for regret or remorse. They hung over my head for so long choking the light from my wavering thoughts. Now I’m above the fray absorbing the light of brighter days from a view where I see what you were.

I am me and no one else can claim the Beauty I possess or stand between me and the light. My insides tingle with possibility and another layer of me has covered up the old scars from darker days and winter storms. So maybe through the dust and debris I was always me after all!!!


Dreams are therapeutic for the careful observer. Although they come as unsuspected occurrences In shades of light and dark; remember that behind every shadow there’s a light.

Dreams are the minds sweat
Working alone to never forget

I toss and turn to the twisted scenes
Wrapped in sheets of silent screams

My eyes flutter at shadows of me
Unable to envision the fear I see

I tremble at the silent voices within
Unable to awaken to life again

It’s the night that calls my fears
And shakes my soul free of tears

My eyes can’t see what my brain can feel
It’s peace and quite my nightmares steal

So awaken I call from deep inside
Where reality and sanity always collide

Then the day dawns thick and electrified
While silently I lay awaiting my demise.

Moments are still, eerily sublime
You can’t capture minutes without wasting time.

So now I’m awake confused and exhausted
Sweating my fears and counting my losses

A day must go on, no cares for my fears
Starting my mourning nourished by tears.