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Of Nature and Desire

Concentrically narrowing foliage chokes my optimism with caution. Thorns and petals stalk my path to a less humid endeavors. But this is how truth hides, just beyond the greenery withering in all of us.

The canopy has levels that reveal light one shard at a time, until your above the tangle of vines where there is no forest floor. All you see is beauty framed by heaven as fresh air wisps away the rot decaying below.

If only I could fly away to stone. An edifice imagined. Stolid and thoughtful granite curves that time hides. Water cascades over the riffs she’s etched in my strength. Sun glistens on the darkness creating black rainbows in the mist, and lichen warms the crevices of my souls.

The beauty of this carnage we call nature is odd, like love it takes great pains and grows with time, only to be passed on to the budding life below. The tallest trees see it while taking warmth from above, mocking us as their roots draw from our strength. Their saplings without us withering in the clutches of vines, but it’s beauty to the naive.

Life is a beautiful struggle between our nature and our ideals, between our needs and desires. Inside us the biological and psychological battles constantly feed on us like the worms that till our soul, but all we see are faces as we paint our landscape with beauty.



Incantations vibrate across space
And time ripples with intent
Through open minds

Smoke rises
From ashes of hope
Lifting our spirits high above reality

Auroras sway to a rhythmic beat
Illuminating the mysterious
Colors of emotion

Seasons revolve
Around the light of day
Highlighting the need for tomorrow

It’s hope that shines within our soul
Warming our heart to our mind
With balance

We’re connected
Within this space that separates
Our flesh from our shared humanity.

We can’t see or touch this spirit
With our consciousness
In the way

We feel the world
With our intent to connect within
And be part of the worlds emotion

What we say and do means little
If what we feel is disconnected
From our heart

The universe
Is within us and constant
Our soul guides our spirits home

So I become we and the true nature
Of us is realized in quiet moments
Alone in the dark


It’s been a while since I’ve stretched my brain. I hate the awkwardness of starting. Ideas, grammar, rhythm all swirl in the distance distracting my desire to just write. I have no purpose, like someone who trains for an event they’ll never attempt, I write.

My thoughts are stiff. The process is familiar, like the runner who remembers the “stitch” that comes and goes with time. The rhythm is similar, getting lost in the pace, that’s the beauty.

Once these “old bones” get loosened you never know what’ll come of it. Could be hypocrisy revealed or love hidden in plain sight. Either way it takes my mind off the aches and pains of knowing there’s never a “last hurrah”, there’s only the idea that never got written.

So I mine the imagination for that one nugget of truth that’s universal. This is what keeps my arthritic brain from fusing into some angry rant that rests in dust. Or worse, ceases in rust. The thought of my imagination being medicated into oblivion, or trapped within a blank page is frightening. So the legend will keep me digging and breathing.

It’s not fame, nor trilogies, not even dollars that keep my knuckles cracked. It’s the synergy of my emotions colliding with my intellect that lift my pen. The familiarity of hope never loses it luster as long as my minds wide open.

This is how nothing becomes something and everything becomes one idea away. Possibilities revealed within the white noise reverberating off blank lines of desire. Nothing can be beautiful.

So I’ll end with the beginning; as this is a fitting plot. The snake swallowed it’s tail to remind us that ancient wisdom and a newborns cry are the same inspirations, it’s just where we are in life that determines wether we hear the beauty of each.

Breathing Ashes

Two hearts beat at opposite ends of the earth. One thuds slowly in the heat of the day while another races to sleep on a cold winter night. Human, they share the beat of a different rhythm.

Like minds stretch across continents to join a conversation of cosmic concern. One contemplates the trials of hunger while another struggles with life under fire. Human, they share the trials of life with an empathetic tone and open mind.

We share characteristics and chemicals the transcend borders and flags, but the words between us are garbled in the distance. I see you in plasma and pixels, I hear you in surround sound, but you must be more than an excerpt.

The currency and thick hands that strangle us are illusions, our blood is real, warm, and too precious to dye sidewalks and sand. Hate is the mirage that those crows caw and flap their wings at trying to stir up grit and thermal winds. If we stop for one second and look past their shiny feathers and listen to the silence we can share the wind and warm our souls, rather than scorch the earth.

I know your human, I know outside your temples, mosques, and churches you love me, I’m you, human and flesh. You can’t think of me as a person, then your dogma transgresses humanity. Silence those voices that scream and twist our humanity into a competition for an afterlife that rots in a tomb.

Now is important. You and I together can remove our amamah’s and ties, leave our books on the table, and share a meal to celebrate enlightenment from man and all his fears or greed. No one has, nor ever will, own this earth. We will all return to it and become one in the end.

Two dreamers hungry for the truth that we stand on. Feet firmly planted in souls instead of soil. We go unnoticed like the insects that forge their lives in the dirt. It’s important work, handshakes and smiles, kind words and thoughts, just two dreamers lucid and true.

Two souls dancing in a boreal existence. Colors and directions swaying between the realm of possibility and and the reality that the only places we’ll ever meet is within the wind as long as we breathe and within the earth when our ashes become dust.

Moments of Naïveté

I’m running through my life like scenes on a slide projector. I pause at the beauty of the rolling green fields surrounded by hedgerows and forest. Light shards bisect my path like narrow gorges of hope falling into an illuminated abyss of joy

Everything stops but my breath rolling like thunder beneath beads of sweat. I stand transfixed at the possibilities of love and fear embracing in a twisted affair of the heart that strangles the minds ability to discern good and evil.

The air is thick and humid with indecision as I realize it’s time to move on. The beauty of the moment has passed and now I smell the pungent grass and the rancid decay of insect infected stumps rotting unnoticed. The world feeds on unseen horrors.

Then a gentle breeze turns my sweat to a film of past glories. Yesterday’s love and conquest become the wind at my back gently encouraging my efforts to move towards a life of bliss in a world of storms. There are no good or bad, just life to live and enjoy.

I no longer stop at the site of a beautiful moment, but pause and smile and keep moving with the naïveté of youth. Life is to be lived, not observed, and the only way to enjoy this world is to know beauty when you see it, then leave it as it is for others to ignore.

Hello can be as enthralling as the stream falling in bends and turns through a moss covered gorge. It’s the aura of the moment that captures the spirit of humanity to halt or move our hearts to a rhythm that only love can flow.

Life and Times!!!

I struggle hourly to rise above family, community, career, nationality to sit at the top of the triangle with Maslow as a human self actualized; I am a person!

The boxes we are put in are so numerous it requires a daily inventory to hold onto who we are. Possibly our first big step is out of our family.

The characters that are projected on us by our parents and the myriad of relatives are nothing short of schizophrenic. A smile here, kind word there, all the while we hold ourselves in check till we can open the box and jump out with our hands in the air wiggling all around like we don’t have a care.

If this skin isn’t thick enough; we enter our community with myths and lies that form a straight jacket of characters that irritate the schizophrenic experience. Our friends, family, and teachers all know a different side of us. Our neighbors just observe this drama and shake their heads.

Then comes independence. A consolidation of characters form the new you as you step out onto the streets of independence. The job!!! The check!!! The beginning of the end of you. Now you’ve sold your independence back on a thirty year fixed rate of descent. Livin the phase life!!!

Your pride has been reduced to a flag, your worth a dollar, and your dreams return to a youthful longing for everything you’ve traded. Questions formed too late. The thin line between bravery and berserk drive you crazy. There’s too much to take to leave your life.

This construct within the “American Dream ” is neatly packaged in this developmental deal. It’s not until you no longer need the system, (or it doesn’t need you) that you realize too late freedom was the carrot and you were the ass pulling the cart for the bastard with the whip.

So here I sit outside the box sliding down the vertices like a slip and slide gone wild. The point of the exercise is lost in the struggle. Maybe it would all be easier if Maslow developed a more linear theory, why a triangular approach?

For now I am just gonna love in a more linear world where birth and death are at either end remembered or feared. I figure if I take this whole thing called life one step at a time I’m less likely to stumble and no one can direct my steps to their goal. I’m just free to live.


Life’s a trip, it’s like one big visit and suddenly we find ourselves over the euphoric optimism of times and places unknown, longing for the familiar smell and touch of home.

Understanding this I need to soak in every moment of a person, place, and time along this journey. That’s most likely the reason why we don’t know what’s on the “other side”. God is giving us a hint at the value of now.

It’s surreal to think that forever is out there, before us and after us, and that now is our life. Everything else is forever and only has echoes of us as a wisp on the tongues of those we impacted. The ones who grasped now the most are not the breeze, there the wind carried across the memories of many.

I know no more than the next guy about “after life”; but it seems the real value of the mystery is that it reveals the gift of now and the short temporary nature of life. This doesn’t have to be a religious statement, it’s a reality for all of us regardless of our faith. No matter what our faith, ethnicity, or social status we all are destined for a new birth into a tomorrow we can’t comprehend.

Folks speculate about reincarnation, a sort of do over type situation where we return through another birth as a new being. Sometimes as a human, or sometimes as an animal.

For some folks it’s more static and we go to permanent places like heaven or hell and live out whatever eternity is in bliss or agony.

There are some who believe we are no different biologically than a plant or fish. We just die! No “after life” or new chance; we just become compost. For some that’s a gloomy perspective, who knows.

I think I’ll just start with an “after life” thesis. Clinging to this belief will at least remind me that now is not a second, it’s our life. I’m gonna grasp each person, place, or thing and enjoy the emotional roller coaster knowing its a short ride, I’m gonna raise my hands in the air, let the wind blow through my hair, and scream with joy as loud as I can enjoying this moment we call life. It’s way to short for me to close my eyes for even a moment.