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In a backwards world we embrace success and shy away from failure. Reality is that we should embrace failure and enjoy the temporary nature of success. Learning is not success, it’s the culmination of failures resulting in the finality of a success. If someone claims to be successful, their only telling part of the story; and probably the part that they imagine their greatness to be within; when really their beauty is in the struggle.
In so many facets of our “high stakes” national ideal this is a dangerous reality. Parents are on line with their first child tracking “milestones” before the fetus is even 8 weeks old. Teachers expect students to show up in class looking neat and write their name neatly at the top of every page.
Managers are constantly interrupted by employees with problems that interfere with their 9 to 5 schedule. Even some of our religious leaders are forgetting the value of Christ’s death on the cross and how it relates to sin.
It’s up to families, neighborhoods, and cultures to understand that the greatest failures can result in a great success, and that success is temporary in a life worth living. We don’t achieve a dream then sit on a couch the rest of our lives watching the rest of the world live life to the fullest.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met people who are miserable, or too old, or handicapped by failure. They are content to watch TV and family deteriorate right in front of their eyes while they gloat on a sagging cloth couch. Really!!!
Failure is a colorful part of who each of us are. Just like we can’t go around smiling all day through euphoric or tragic moments, we can’t share our successes without sharing our failures. This is how friendships with trust that goes beyond life’s moments develop.
I would love to have a circle where friends say “Man, I really screwed that one up!”, as enthusiastically and proud as they say “I nailed that one!” I love to work with wood, hence the “screwed” and “nailed” metaphors.
Take a look some time about the psychological processes involved with learning. Evaluate your own successes honestly. Then go out and look at the world in a whole new light. I promise your circle of friends and family will become so much more interesting and honest. Look past suits and ties, dresses and shoes, and look into the heart of others to really see the color of life.
The old bible saying about treating others as you wish to be treated rings true across time. Hide who you are as a human being and you’ll have lots of friends who hide who they are also.
Then Ya,all can go shopping and pretend because the clothes you buy to create the person you’re not, and the TV shows you both enjoy living vicariously through to justify your dysfunctional relationships, are all part of some normal existence. The truth is in the lies!!!