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Faux Oppression

Your revolution ain’t special. These virtual warriors out there sending out tweets, blurbs, and blogs about how they’re oppressed in America. Get real. There isn’t a group of folks within these borders who even knows what oppression feels like outside of being bullied in a classroom or cyber space.
It’ disingenuous to use race, gender, ethnicity or culture as a victim status in America. There is one exception and you don’t hear from them, that’s the working poor. They don’t scream on social media or protest in popular cities. They live life at a shade grayer than the rest of the country.

These are the folks you call when the dealer wants to much for your oil change. These folks cut your grass when the chain landscapers are cutting into your budget. These folks repair those hot water heaters in your 200 square foot garages for the same price the contractor charges for an estimate. These aren’t the folks sittin around waiting for a go fund me miracle or SSI.

The underground economy is alive and well. It’s maintained with debts and promises of nothing more than a dollar or work. Taxes are not collected, just debts. Fees aren’t levied, but it costs to do business everywhere. Penalties are harsh. Failure to pay debts means I loss of something valuable, even life in some cases.

These folks live on their wits. Nice things have a price no matter where there bought or bartered. The working poor in this country don’t go to the hospital or doctor. The kitchen is the ER. These folks don’t have pain insurance to support a pain med addiction. They use alcohol for minor pains, WD 40 for arthritis, and barter with neighbors for left over meds. They don’t care about Obamacare, Americare, or any care. Their only care is feeding the family and gas to work.

Folks who work and hustle to stay afloat don’t care about schools and funding. They send their kids to school as a place of business. Their kids ain’t there to be politicized or philosophized. They send their kids to school to work. They remind their kids that school is a luxury and not a place to be weak or spoiled. It’s not a fashion show or social experiment, it’s the kids job and they better take it seriously.

You don’t hear from these folks and they like it that way. You see poor working folks are free. They take hard times silently and good times graciously. They take good times in stride and count blessings or luck depending on how tough life’s been. We don’t want your interference in our health, our finances, or our kids life. We just want to be left alone.

So the next time you have an election, raise taxes, or try to usurp the countries health leave us be. We’ll be fine using home remedies, selling something of value, and whipping our kids ass when they forget who they are at school.

You can have this faux democratic system that creates dollars and privilege for some. You can have your checks and programs for those folks who live on a hand out. Our county has walls; it’s right where the pavement ends and the dirt begins. You can step in the yard with a warning, but the porch ain’t for folks like you. You’re not welcome within our borders.

We’re steadily looming for a way to be American outside of your corrupt system. We by houses lease to own. We maintain our vehicles ourselves or barter work with a mechanic friend. We recycle things to improve our lives, not because it’s cool. We repurpose things because everything and everyone can have a purpose, we dislike throwing things or folks away. Most importantly we see right through what our government has become, and instead of making excuses because we could benefit from the government; we learnt the lesson that some things just serve no purpose other than serving itself.

March Madness

I’m disappointed in the feminist movement. I’ve been following their movements since the “bra burning” days. This march on D.C is another in the long list of failures. I don’t think it’s due to their ideals, but we just witnessed hundreds of thousands of woman organize and march, and what was the message, they marched!

There is a core out there who are passionate about the exploitation of young girls. This is a valid argument and a national problem. 1 out of 3 is real! Our tween age an teen age girls are a sought out commodity and need protection that all to often doesn’t come from home.

There are woman passionate about reproductive rights, and justifiably so a woman’s health is just that, hers. The sad but obvious sentiment missing is that in many of these cases there are men who should be heard supporting their woman, but they cower in the background like the women got pregnant on their own. That old country song “Stand By Your Man” needs a remake, “Stand By Your Partner”, man up bitch!!!

The “Glass ceiling” has been shattered for a while now. Yes, there are shards still in the framework, but it balances out with other prejudices like color, religion, or socio economic history. Instead of celebrating the woman who ran Donald Trump’s campaign, the “uber left feminist” demonized her and any other woman who is successful. Ain’t nothing free “baby”, you gotta earn it. A vagina never got anyone to far no matter how they tried to use it, especially on a hat!

So how does the history of this movement keep getting usurped. The avant guard in the seventies, the “intelligencia” in the nineties, and in this century the postmodernist are ruling the narrative through remnants of all these groups. The universities that we subsidize are a bastion of professors that believe that science is objective and truth is a lie. The avant guard pops out of Hollywood as all sorts of characters. The intelligencia is rewarded for perpetrating the narrative and punished for not supporting the narrative.

Make no mistake this is coordinated and the division Obama created by moving to the extreme left, and the extreme right taking the bait, created a gap where everyone could just waltz right in. Then the “bandwagon was rolling with “Boomer” at the reins!

The other players are an echo from the past. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd seem to have usurped the outdated “Civil Rights Era” narrative. The whole nothing is as it seems postmodern narrative fits in well with them.

Atheist made great strides in demonizing Christianity, they show deference to the Muslims, and act like kids at a teen idol concert when it comes to eastern religion. They’re good till you ask them if you can have atheism without having a God, then they use the postmodern formula of deconstruction and take apart the content ignoring the question.

The real danger to this is we, “True Americans”, are put at risk by the naïveté of these groups. Postmodernism is a European movement attempting to get a foothold in America to change our culture and further socialize the world as a rebellion to capitalism.

Black Lives Matter has been infiltrated, if not originated, by the militant Christian and Muslim movement. They share the methods of there is no truth and the organizations that make up our culture are persecuting their groups.

The Muslim movement in America is not a foreign influence, it’s perpetrated through the prison system among black leadership within a gang that assumed a religious origin for protection. One of the popular moves throughout this culture is ex patriating. They use treaties signed in the 18th century to establish their indigent status and then file paperwork to recoup their birth certificate, SSN, and any other document that formed what they refer to as the “contract with the American Corporation”.

It may seem that I’ve strayed from the feminist movement being usurped since it’s inception, but race, gender, and politic have consistently usurped the narrative of feminist. It’s part of a larger movement that seeks to use questionable situations to highlight a narrative of division against our way of life. Don’t be fooled!

Is there room for improvement in our culture, certainly. Are there folks who are greedy making fortunes off the backs of soldiers, the poor, and middle class, always has been. We have much to work on in America. The truth is that a subjective world leaves our freedom vulnerable.

Celebrating yourself marching as a group is an egocentric activity. Selfies with vulgar signs and platitudes don’t tell others what your issues are in a coherent manner. Leading a march of hundreds of thousands of citizens who are ignorant of the larger goal is not activism, it’s sedition.

I hope the feminist movement can reflect on these last weeks and weed out the leadership that had other objectives besides the welfare of woman. You have foreign influence within your ranks that have once again usurped your cause. In fact, if you don’t wake up from your ignorance you could make life for females in parts of America worse by inviting foreign religious practices that devalue woman to the level of livestock. Regain control of your mind along with your body and we’re behind you 100%, otherwise your cause will once again fade into the history of the avant guards dream of a socialist utopia.

Social Media Butterflies

When your taught to be a victim you will find evidence to support your persona in every facet if life. Worse than your fears, your dreams will be painted with suspicion and doubt. From here you define everyone in your path coloring the world gray. There are more folks out there interested in creating fear than there are seeking the truth that has set folks free of the ignorance, so be careful you don’t become the fool.

A long time ago I heard the phrase, “fix yourself first”. This is important. It’s hard to view the world through an objective lens today. It’s difficult to be a part of social media and put that aside when you engage the world. I can pick up immediately now when someone has painted a social media collage. Dealing with these folks is easier now. This is where patience come in to play.

When you hear someone regurgitating a political story, exaggerating a war story, or racing to a quip about someone’s life matters I immediately think 360 degrees. Both sides of any issue are dramatically increased on social media. It actually borders on hyperbole, and in some cases is. This is where your research pays off, and I’m not referring to news agencies. You can’t study a symptom and come up with a cure for an illness.

Another important step for me is confidence. If I’ve looked at all sides of an issue and understand it’s origins past a dramatic lens I can talk more intelligently about it. This creates a confidence where I can discuss something without having a side, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a side or I don’t hold opinions, it just means I’m seeking the truth not a side.

What this process has taught me is there are folks out there promoting racial division, people from all races. There are folks out their promoting anarchy against the system. There are folks out there creating animosity against Christianity. Most importantly there are folks who are mesmerized by the drama and will get you caught up in the ignorance before you realize they “gotcha”!

Take time to listen, understand that news isn’t information, it’s propaganda designed to appeal to emotions, and it’s working. The unfortunate reality is research doesn’t happen in real time, data does. It takes time to sort out relevant variables and by then a million new stories have captivated the brains of the masses.

For me those headlines, tag lines, and breaking stories should be considered starting points if you’re interested enough to discuss them rather than talk about them. Otherwise just be quiet and don’t be part of the fray. This phenomena can be viewed by so called educated folks, so if you are not institutionally educated don’t be fooled by some academic initials or institutions.

We are born to think. It’s critical to our survival and has been since we were hanging out in caves amazed by fire. The minute you stop thinking you’re gonna be a victim, and in turn victimize others with your ignorance. Be careful what you listen to and what you say, some folks talk and listen with intention.

National Distractions

This bullshit is a distraction, no this country is a distraction. I swear the idiots have taken over. I mean the media perpetrates this shit of course. They found the most dramatic figures in American culture, mined the one for shootings, and the other for criminal records. Now we have to be subject to all the bullshit that occurs when a matriarchal culture clashes with a patriarchal system, dude I’m done.

I can’t even brainstorm without some new twist on a story, so I guess I’ll ride it out. This latest one is brilliant. It’s perfect. You have the male from a matriarchal culture being shot by a female in a patriarchal system. It don’t get no better than this.

It would have been genius to write the situation and characters. She gets up in the morning straps on her gun and drinks a cup of coffee after kissing her significant other goodby! At the station she stands around a few minutes bullshitting at the water cooler about the previous shift. A cliche filled narrative of macho bullshit that her and her partner pretend to believe.

Then switch to the victim leaving his baby mamma’s apartment and heading to his momma’ house to change his jewelry and clean his ride. He could be texting another hood rat on one cellphone while talking to his partner on another phone about how “fly” or “fresh” he is; all the while giving everyone the nod as he slowly drives or parades through the hood.

These scenes could bounce back and forth with him working on his look and her checking her weapon. He could be eating breakfast and sitting at a table where momma cooks breakfast admiring his latest fashion statement while she reviews the latest BOLO’s drinking coffee and scanning the radio.

As he struts down a city street contrasting with the greasy water filled pot holes and boarded up windows, she could slowly cruise the boulevard flexing her arm and checking her hat angle in the rear view mirror hiding years of late night pizza and war movies behind the drivers door.

As they pass on the street he sees a “white girl” playing cop for his entertainment and knows she really wants a real “Nigga” like him to satisfy all the years of living in the security of that uniform without a real man.

She sees a “thug” that needs a real job and a belt that will tighten enough to hold his pant up. She gives him the look and flashes back to the mornings BOLO’s. There’s an empty space of disconnect there where she’s trying to control her adrenaline wondering if under those gold chains and grill is a suspect. He sees her eying him and thinks he’s got his braids and chains so tight even the cop can’t resist his look, so he tightens up his walk.

She hits her lights and he strikes a pose like, “ok girl, I’ll play!” She sees a hostile “gangsta” and does a mental check of scenarios she may have to react to. As she gets out of the car he decides to play hard to get and starts walking away. She adjusts her voice and commands him to stop.

As she makes her way towards him with her hand on her gun he thinks “ok I’ll play the game!” To play his part he reaches in his jacket with his best “hood look” and grabs the cigarette he’s missing dangling from his lip. She draws her gun with her best “John Wayne” swagger. He checks his finger nails and runs his fingers along his manicured mustache making sure he’s still tight.

In an attempt to exude masculinity through the feminine nature of his look he raises his voice with all the confidence of the “little man” he was raised to be around woman, and tells her to “slow down baby, all that ain’t necessary.”
She yells, “get on the ground!”, straight from her diaphragm in her best cop voice she was trained to use. He’s thinkin, “fuck that, I spent hours gettin this look going!”

This is the point where we are confused nationally. The disconnect between what two “characters” are thinking in the middle of a life and death situation neither character recognizes. Everyone playing their part till the sound of a gun going off rushes her to the realization she wasn’t prepared and he realizes that his game wasn’t a game, it was 100!!!

I wish all the characters on both sides of this drama would sit down. I don’t want to hear anymore about these attention seeking whores. I had a “brother in arms” who was drunk most days trying to forget his experiences “over there” who got killed for pan handling. He was a regular at the store where he was shot by an officer so everyone knew him, except this cop. He’s dead and the cop walked away. Ain’t nobody even got this dude on their radar. He was “white trash” though. No story there!

You can give these drama kings and queens media attention and send the National Guard out to enhance the scene. I understand that this “forced reality series” is just what they want and it’s a convenient distraction from the reality of more serious situations no one has answers to.

Just don’t get offended when I don’t get excited over the epoch. It’s a tired narrative that everyone sees, but winks and nods to each other so we don’t have to talk about the real problems of parenting, culture, and leadership. If we talk about these root problems its like looking in a mirror. Then all these characters would have to see themselves, rather than the character they see on the other end of a camera lens, and they aren’t the same people!

American Dream

American Dream
Man stop with that tired ass shit about flags and matters. Bitch you ain’t got no skin in this game and you wanna whine from a distance. It’s my people who matter you Stupid fuck!
My people, “poor folks” who spend their time like their money. Poor folks who ain’t locked up and hustle around town bustin their ass on jobs your lazy ass couldn’t do on a good day, not even in the middle of that middle class mid life exercise crisis you go through, yeah, the one sandwiched between the fat phases that are really you.
I ain’t talkin bout the Mcdonalds eating baby momma and daddy who are poor by choice cause their ass don’t know how to do nothing but structure their day around a TV and a couch. I’m talking about my people, poor folks hustling all day in the sun, in the rain, and within the storm to make a dollar and still find time for their family.
My folks don’t spend money to keep their kids out of the house, they save money and teach their kids how to run a house. I see your nasty little bastards can’t even clean up after themselves, then look through my folks when they come around to make a few dollars by cleaning up after you. It’s ok though cause love is our currency and our account is managed well.
You expect us to feel something about some damn blue and black coloring game. Fuck you! That’s just cops and robbers playing that game then crying when it gets real. If you ain’t about the life, on either side, then get the fuck out.
You talk about that flag like its a marketing sign. My folks know what God and Country is about, cause it’s our sons, and now our daughters, who are going to die for it while those ungrateful little assholes you raise are in college crying about what fucking sex they are, you ain’t about shit!!!
Now we’re gettin ready to vote again so all you plastic niggers, stale crackers, and spray tanned wetbacks are gonna be out here trying to convince us about your “creds” cause your great grandpa had a hustle. Stay where your at bitch. You need my people now for that vote. That white privileged bitch is gonna be out there trying to convince us she’s a “coal miners daughter now”! Get outta here with that shit, we’re figuring just how important we are and you’re ass needs a resume dated in January bitch, and tell your friends bout it too.
There’s two sides to every coin. Most times my folks, poor folks” are invisible. We can clean your houses, yards, and offices while you’re out trashing the inside of your car. You don’t really care about us outside a ballot, but that’s cool. You won’t see us in November either, you’ll just feel us in January when your spouse and kids are looking at you trying to figure out what your lazy ass can do besides run your mouth and live off my folks!

Twisted Rainbow: creating a division.

I’ve been distracted by life lately as a father, friend, citizen and the host of other things we experience just trying to be us. It overwhelming at times. What’s most overwhelming to me is ignorance.
I hate. That is terrible. As a Christian I shouldn’t hate; I don’t hate anyone in particular, but hate the fact that leaders from all facets of our government, religion, and economy are pushing a narrative down our throats they know is not true. Why do they perpetrate the division?
I believe the smoke and mirrors surrounding black, blue, and white matters in our country is to mask the truth about poverty being the single most important factor between law enforcement and citizens, it’s a crime to be poor.
We see stats being thrown around like some wand with the power of ignorance. Most folks don’t even understand statistics and that’s great if you want to push a narrative with a few video clips and protesters. Most Americans get their news from entertainment sources and don’t even know that, they don’t even know what an editorial or opinion is, and here lies the ignorance, and yes, I meant lies.
The Washington Post has been leading the way by throwing out stats and staggering the results to fit a “blue vs black” narrative. Then once that’s rolling, they switch up to a “white vs black” narrative. Neither of which is more or less than the other within a statistical margin. The poor Hispanics and Asians are looking like they get shot every time they get pulled over, if you follow that narrative “yellow and brown” lives don’t matter. Why am I coloring my world I ask; because that’s the way they frame it.
Those stats are bullshit anyway, they can’t take into account so many factors. Lower socio economic whites come into contact with law enforcement more than middle class Asians, upper class blacks are less likely to be pulled over than lower socio economic Hispanics. What percentage of the races in the census numbers don’t live in areas where policing is heavy, or aggressive. The list of variables is as exhausting as the drama.
To top it all off, in the midst of the effort to shift the narrative to an additional division the Washington Post sneaks a little disclaimer in the narrative about only 6% of the police precincts actually report all of their data. That little disclosure loophole in the Act by congress that requires police to report says they don’t have to report justified police violence. Who do you think determines “justifiable”?
I see many of my friends of all divisions falling for this. Some of my friends are from other countries. It’s embarrassing that we run around chasing ghosts and tear our intellectual might into shreds of dramatic dialog. Not all Americans are falling for this, and many are speaking out about it finally, me included.
If the entertainment industry, (Fox,CNN,and a host of other so called “news” agencies) want to keep us divided for their entertainment that’s fine, just label it PG or R for entertainment and label it contemporary fiction. I ain’t letting this be a legacy of lies that I’ll be associated with.
If your a friend and live in another country I can’t explain in a blog post why some of our politicians are going along for the ride, except to say its election time and they have to have a “big issue” to talk about. Just have faith that most of us ain’t buying it and over time we’ll win the intellectual war.
It takes time to figure these things out if you care to, much more time than an entertainment (news) cycle. We’ll get to the truth of poverty being the one factor that runs through all the colors of this twisted rainbow they’ve created. Being poor and living in the lower socio economic areas of America means you will be policed heavier and more aggressively than the more affluent areas of our country. On the surface that makes sense to many, but not the working poor just “tryin to make a buck” and being harassed on the way home from too many hours and not enough money.
You asshats out there running a game who get caught up and roughed up, I’ll give it back to you how you give it to me when your on the tough side, not whining about cops.
If you gonna be about the life……..

I’m not “The Whipping Boy”!!!

I can’t write shit with all these considerations.

Fuck the left and right and all the silence in the middle.

Some things are just so obvious they blind us like looking into the sun
I don’t care about no parasitic government that feeds on anything that moves.

I hear all this shit about accept me or I’ll whine dollars from your character.

I don’t have to agree with your stupid ass to be a good person.

I don’t need your funded research to know the truths that you’re creating, fuck you and you’re medicated mania.

I didn’t grow up with exceptions or pills to grab at that one last string of posterity bitch, I lived and died by my own hands stained with life.

I’m normal motherfucker;

I like girls and I’m a boy,

I’m fat and wish I was buff,

I’m poor and love my folks

I’m white and see right through that guilt your scattering like confetti at a history convention full of folks walking on the dead efforts of abstract statues. Your Polo stripes and gold chains are nothing but faux art bitch.

I’m clean and see your fake ass smiling when you come out of the pharmacy looking down on the other addict begging coffee in the McDonald’s parking lot, but I see you hypocritical ass for what it is.

I see your cropped photos with plastic backgrounds that have no scent or taste for living things.

I believe in Christ’ life bitch, and I don’t need your hierarchal ladder that wouldn’t even hold Jacobs weight, it’s a prop. You can’t do outreach like visiting a zoo wearing rubber gloves and surgical masks, then shower off and boast to your mannequins how bold you are. You collect dollars and sweat from the poor to dress the wealthy. Faith ain’t a path to pedigree bitch.

I see your morality dancing on a silver stage with origami bills dancing on coins and yellow promises written in the blood of the laborers scarred hands.

I’m not a privileged prick proud of the table that some fake ass wannabe prepared for his own ability to step on the neck of disparity.

I’m no chameleon either, I’m proud, and you ain’t gonna catch me with no Newport smoking, red hair dyed, Mountain Dew drinking bitch trying to buy me sneakers and pants to wear around my ass like some chain gang bitch. I wear my boots and a belt with my T-shirt stretched over my stomach. My truck shines when it rains and when it’s parked its a tool box.

And these folks that are all wrapped up in clothes and ideas from the opposite sex are fucked up, but it’s cool. Be you, do you!!! Just don’t bring your silly ass around me expecting me to buy into your bathroom fetishes. When we let your ass out of the closet that wasn’t a ticket to take your weird shit into the street, keep it in the bedroom bitch, I got kids. I promise I ain’t gonna try and change you, and you damn sure can’t change me. You’re adolescent peer pressure shit don’t work with grown folks.

I saved this last group to close my rant. These lying ass multi faced pariahs that call theirselves our leaders are done, maybe not gone, but hopefully we’ll make a shift from putting the guy nobody could ever work with in political office so we don’t have to deal with him in real life. These motherfuckers have been playing this role so long they believe the shit they say. They need to take their fluid truths and popular opinions and go back to middle school to revisit phases and stages that were obviously missed.

And those bastards that run around like adolescent cheerleaders whispering lies about the players need to be exposed and made to get a real job that doesn’t drain the coffers.

I’m a nice guy. I live my life simply and don’t want to change anyone. I don’t have to be one of those “off the grid” guys to live my life by the simple truths I’ve learned through lessons and wisdom.

I ain’t racist, sexist, or any other “ist”

I ain’t buying into conservatism, liberalism, or any other “ism”

I am a free man who enjoys a diverse circle of folks who are hopefully comfortable in their own skin. We don’t need the lies that come with your insecurities. We don’t have colors, sexes, denominations, or affiliations. We’re just folks keeping it real. So your welcome to visit anytime, just you though, leave all those other folks you are where they can get fed, not here.

Peace out!!!