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Incantations vibrate across space
And time ripples with intent
Through open minds

Smoke rises
From ashes of hope
Lifting our spirits high above reality

Auroras sway to a rhythmic beat
Illuminating the mysterious
Colors of emotion

Seasons revolve
Around the light of day
Highlighting the need for tomorrow

It’s hope that shines within our soul
Warming our heart to our mind
With balance

We’re connected
Within this space that separates
Our flesh from our shared humanity.

We can’t see or touch this spirit
With our consciousness
In the way

We feel the world
With our intent to connect within
And be part of the worlds emotion

What we say and do means little
If what we feel is disconnected
From our heart

The universe
Is within us and constant
Our soul guides our spirits home

So I become we and the true nature
Of us is realized in quiet moments
Alone in the dark


Deja Vu, the one moment I breathe over and again that holds us within me. It’s never the same as the first time, but keeps me searching for a moment to keep. My mind stretches to hold the thought of you even when you’re in my arms.

We emanate like a mirage lucidly lazy in the heat of our moments lingering sweet and hot. Your whisper is like the air that dances our watery figures on the horizon. Undulating feelings wisping to a universal passion.

What we are is us, what we’ll become is them. And long after our ashes drift together into eternity that one moment I lived for will be waiting on the horizon with your smile as the sunrise that clarifies the mirage, and together we’ll love in Déjà Vu!!!

Of the earth

Your words stretch across the plane of my existence echoing sentiments like sand or grit through an hourglass with no minutes.

Your parched beliefs leave your tongue swollen in your throat. You can’t speak intelligently choking on your dried up saliva dangling from cracked bleeding yellow lips. Your thoughts wheeze like a dying mans babble.

The sun beats down on your back like a molten hammer as the hot winds refuse to change. Perspiration turns to salt like snowflake as it flies from your hair swaying with exhaustion.

But you will never secede the ground that swallows you whole. Sucking the life out of you And everyone close to you. You’re in desperate need of a mirror to see the damage you’ve inflicted upon your soul, but you proudly worship the mirage that lucidly shimmers ahead of you, knowing the path ahead is futile.

I pray you’ll taste the bile and purge your soul of ignorance. You’re not a moth bound to a light that will kill you. Let go of the gaseous dreams that keep you walking towards death like its heaven on earth. Find the shade, drink from the fount, and rest your soul to nourish your mind.

Step away from the vast desert of waste, you’re not trash to be discarded, you’re human. Feelings are good. You’re the salt of the earth!

Faith with legs and feet!

Show me where Christ put others before his beliefs. Never!!! Not even on the cross when others couldn’t understand did He fall to the pressures of family, culture, or religion. He hung alone with His Father. So where are you justifying being a lamb of men?

How do you justify being a follower? Christ taught us to lead, and step up your game under duress. There are so many layers to society and little room at the top; so who do you bow down to? Parents, Jesus referred to his mother as “woman”! Your community? Jesus rebuked his friends constantly. Your state? Jesus let them have what was theirs. Your church? Jesus put the Pharisees in their place along with the money changers. So how are you sitting around justifying your faith by showing up.

It’s like the guy who’s shows up to work everyday, but doesn’t do anything meaningful, except make others folks job harder. Or the friend or family member who shows up during tragic moments to find out “the scoop”. Or maybe it’s worse. You could be the one who shows up does what their told no matter and is afraid to confront the other two aforementioned folks. Jesus had no problem putting folks on blast.

Maintaining my faith is easier outside of all these places that attempt to define us. Family, culture, religion, government; all of them run contrary to your relationship with Christ. Look how many times He had to get away to come back and set things straight. We’re no different. I’m away right now, and it’s ok.

I know I’ll never be the same Christian again. I’ve had great examples of friends who demonstrated true friendship. I’ve had examples of folks whose faith “has legs and feet”. Now it’s Him and I finding me in this earthly jungle of vines. I’m happy though; and although I’m not in touch with many folks, I’m in touch with Christ and it’s good.

I don’t need religion to understand my salvation and the role it plays with others. I don’t need denominations to do good works. I don’t need corporate bible studies to network and learn about popular beliefs of Christian doctrine. I don’t need prayer groups , we’re all supposed to be doing that anyway, constantly is still a challenge though!

My relationship with Christ is no longer influenced and hopefully the little works I do here and there inspire others to reach out. I don’t hate, but won’t concede. I don’t judge, but I’ll consider. I try and fail daily to rise above my humanness, while remaining humble.

I see through these quasi political religious aristocrats espousing verses and euphemisms for political, financial, and personal gain. They don’t effect my life for the most part, but I keep abreast of the lies and misdeeds that weaken the culture and society I live in. There are beautiful folks out there doing wonderful deeds just for the sake of humanity. These are the heights I aspire to.

I’m stronger in my faith and stronger in my heart. I hope everyone steps out with their faith and we don’t need labels or causes to do good things for the sake of good. Christ will survive religion or denominations in my heart. Until then I’ll just continue to try to look for the good in everyone and pray for the best.

Opaque Facade

I’m particular in pieces and parts you cannot see. I’m light years away from all that noise that that leaves you pasty and jittering like flesh without sun. I’m past tired and exhausted with your glazed twitching eyes.

I’m whole now that you are fragmented. Walking a path of broken mosaic hearts that bleed mud every step you take. You stumble and stutter spewing broken shards of plastic along a wooded landscape. I see your trail of trash talk echoing from dank corners. Your eyes quivering in the dark recesses of yesterday.

You can’t come into the light for all to hear or see. Once your known the fear will become laughter and joy will replace apprehension. The lie will dissipate into a truth seen by all. Then you’ll have to return to who you really are, us.

So now your dark opaque facade is melting. A glass menagerie of past dread, present fear, and future anxiety. You tried to hide behind me, but us is stronger than fear, we is stronger than apprehension, and together they make us whole. This is where life resides.

Listen To Me!!!

You’re hearing me within your thoughts
I need you to listen to me with your mind

Your heart can’t listen, it only feels weakness
Your mind screams truths, but you don’t listen, you only hear

It’s you, you have to separate your mind from your heart
Your brain can’t do it alone, no one hears alone

You can’t live in now pulling before and what if in each hand
Let go of spaces you can’t live, and face the day with an open mind

Control can be creative, messy, even spontaneous
So you have no excuse not to listen, hearing is a cop out.

You don’t even look at the words Your sideways glance tells me your in another tense

Darting eyes, fidgeting hands, one word answers.
We might as well be on the phone completing some obligation

Listen to me, look at my words, and let me know you’re here
If not, I’ll soon be too far away for you to hear

Then you’ll listen to me with someone else.

All you seen was you.

Neurons fire in a cyclonic fashion
Creating chaos within stolid eyes.
Ideas and fears swirl in and around hopes and dreams leaving thought littered with debri. And all you see is me.

Turmoil hidden beneath the stone facade framing crystal blue orbs. The whisper of my voice radiated through the smile belying the half truths I swallow to feed the storm. And all you hear is me.

The thunder reverberates along my spine without knowledge of the thought like branches clattering not knowing the wind, or it’s direction. All this collateral damage and all you feel is me.

Rain cleanses my soul through a curtain of prismatic pain like pollen being washed from trees mixing with oil streaked puddles swirling green and blue. I stare within and wonder at the bitter hold life had on me, and now my clouded thoughts are pierced with beams of hope. And all you taste is me.

I knew the storm was coming, but you just kept talking unable to smell the humid wet warning of what’s to come. The rain sends its scent whispering through trees and traffic as a warning of more than getting wet. You couldn’t read my stillness, all you could smell was the possibility of me.

It’s all about intuition. The sixth sense that warns us to pay attention to the other five. We can feel with our eyes, see with a touch, or hear with our heart, but only if we listen with our soul what our spirit sees. And all you ever were is numb to me.