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Inflated Glory

In the confines of obese rooms and bodies they spew out green words like, ” the greater good” to justify their evils. Poor folk know their ain’t no ‘greater good”.

In laboratories and dark barns they created a cash cow. Now our rich folks are lithe while our poor folks are fattened up. “Your health is important”, they say while they count the dollars and blessings from checks with corporate logos adorning the back like coupon packs.

Out in nature surrounded by life and decay they sit in plastic molds eating banquets while discussing hunger and homelessness. “The downtrodden” they sing with beautiful voices collecting blessings and dollars to continue the conversation in another season.

Poverty is the clothe that polishes the middle class brass. They need the fabric of our existence to add to their arsenal of denial that they to are supply in the demand of the wealthy.

We don’t hide in our trash, we recycle it in the hopes there’s a Diamond in the ruff. Life is equal in the end. One mans Ferrari is another mans Corvette, and another’s mans truck, all are aspiring. This is how we stand proud in our position.

So we’ll continue to build calluses and joy in our labors. Thanks to technology you are becoming our spare time. Entertaining the “downtrodden” with your deeds and intent while we sit back with our own economy and enjoy thanksgiving with family and friends without a dollar.

You can continue in your belief that death will be more glamorous or fruitful and we’ll keep watching your heirs squander your inheritance until one day we’re all sitting around once again talking, not about how your wealth served you, but how you served your wealth for a lie. Our time was always here, patiently waiting for your return.


Silence is Guilded

I was thinking the other day about the old saying “Silence is Golden”, I think they should add the next line from the song to perfectly juxtapose the sentiment from today’s popular belief.

The second line reads “But my eyes still see.”. For ever “silence is Golden” meant just that, quiet was peaceful, thoughtful. After looking back I see that I was way off base, and although I kinda believe these young folks today are a bunch of “feelings freaks” trying to pull off some retro reunion with a twist, talking is something they do well.

Folks around my age (55) get real uncomfortable around these younger folks talking about sensitive topics. You see, “back in the day” you didn’t talk about “things”, and if you did it was in a round a bout way that preserved decorum.

Take sleeping around, this was a common occurrence, but you didn’t talk about it. Some woman were “floozy’s” or “hussy’s”, but the conversation ended silently with a nod or pursed lips!

A drunk back in my day didn’t lay up in public for more than a couple hours passed out on the lawn. Most folks drank, but worked to keep the alcohol flowing. If they had a rough spell it was usually out of town and they didn’t return till they were up on there game again. The woman just survived on “Martini’s” which made being a drunk elegant.

We all had Uncles or cousins we knew to stay away from cause “child’s play” was serious back in the day. Older men dated younger girls, mostly poorer children, but they were “taken care of”.

Addiction didn’t even have a name, but was alive and well. It was “white crosses”, “Librium”, “Darvon”, and a host of other pills that helped saddle the housewife to an outdated social structure.

Today all these ills and more are out there for “public consumption”. I may not agree with how this is occurring, but I firmly believe it will someday be refined and make society better. These “little idiots” may not have a healthy work ethic like “back in the day”, but they are in touch with their feelings for sure.

There were big woman back then struggling to get into small clothes. They did it with style though. Their hair to their shoes were an everyday consideration and they didn’t come out of the house when it wasn’t. Men for the most part wore their stomachs with pride.

When you consider all the abuses today: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, even attention; maybe this talking thing really has a place in the healing of society. Not talking about “things” kept the “1out of 3 silent”. It caused Uncle Joe to suddenly pass at an early age of alcoholism cause he just had “a taste for liquor”! Silence kept millions of addicts looking down on “pot heads” and “Horse addicts” through their prescriptions lens.

So if you’re one of those that feel folks shouldn’t put theirselves out there celebrating overcoming some addiction or problem in the social realm remember there’s that other line out there in the “Silence is Golden” verse; “But my eyes still see”. So if you see a problem and choose silence, or overcome an obstacle and “keep it in the closet” you’re really pretty selfish. In fact you’re part of the problem. So don’t shut up, talk. These “little idiots’ ain’t stupid when it comes to seeing through you, “the jig is up”!!!