New Cars and Friends

I remember cruising around in my Vette. I had it in my garage for eight months apart. All the parts labeled in bags and boxes.
I worked on that body sanding, classing, sanding, then primer. I spent hundreds of hours and knew every little defect.
I chose to have it painted by a local guy who specialized in Vettes. $5,000 later I was cruising! Riding around showing off my new 1987 Convertible Vette, and as I was driving I noticed every other Vette out there.
Doesn’t matter what car you drive, we all had that experience of getting a car then noticing them everywhere. You suddenly realize there’s 1,000 grey dodge 1500’s riding around when before you only saw the one in the showroom.
I use this experience in life because its like that with friends too. You put alot of time into them and eventually know every little defect. You spend lots of time and money riding around with them and then you notice that there are alot of friends around like them.
Hopefully you find the one who was on the showroom floor. The one that shines and you have lots of plans on making better. That’s the one that you keep forever and pass on to your loved ones.
If by chance you get the clunker it’s ok to put some time and effort into making it better. You may even have to rebuild it. If it still ain’t reliable you have two choices. Leave it as a lawn ornament as an embarrassment to folks you know, or tow it to the junkyard and pray that some of the parts are salvageable for someone else.


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