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Death of The American

A man not clear in his faith is not clear in his thoughts. Either you are or your not, faithful. About what may matter less than an indecisive mind about your own persona. A man in the middle has two masters ruling his existence.

Creeds, oaths, and constitutions are facades for men with a weaker continence. An American was never intended to be part of a government, quite the contrary, a government was meant to be part of a man to protect the interests of those with which he communes.

Throughout his life, an American, uses his time to protect his life and liberty. Neither are afforded by any other man or entity. He develops his strength physically, mentally, and intellectually as to provide for his interests and the interest of those with whom he communes.

A free man stands alone with allegiance to principles, not people or governments. He may have to bear faith and allegiance to an ideal bigger than himself at times to protect his liberty, but his principles do not change, and in the absence of threat he returns his allegiance to himself and his interests. This is the point of the word “bear” in the oath a soldier takes. He must endure the subjugation of his liberty for a time as to protect the greater interest of his liberty. This is a temporary state within the life of an American.

I hear “let freedom ring!” I see pristine flags wisping in the winds of time. I watch parades and ceremonies where Americans glorify the deeds of our Nation. What I don’t see is liberty and independence. I see dependence and authority established without resistance.

Americans calling for more laws while stripping the independent man of his liberty. Americans dividing over resources they didn’t sweat for provided by politicians who own nothing but a plastic title. I see leadership redefined for those weaker men to be considered consensus. I hear lies that Americans ignore for a larger piece of a pie that’s been sitting in the window sill way to long to be edible. I feel we’re lost.

We’ve been so far removed from what it means to be an American weaker men have diluted liberty and independence to compromise and control. We were never intended to be ruled. Read the documents. Pay attention to the language. Understand liberty, understand independence, comprehend the nuances of phrases like “bear true faith and allegiance, these are temporary states of being that have rode the lie of pride into a subjugated existence that’s portrayed as free, you’re not free, wake up.

I bear what dealings I have with institutions like government for the greater good of my interests and the interests of those I love. I bore truth faith and allegiance throughout a career in the military. I sacrificed freedom, therefore I understand that’s over. My allegiance is to my interests now and benefit citizens I’ll never meet or shake hands with, I am no longer my government.

We are in a war within that most cannot see. This war, if lost, will compromise all that it means to be American. I’m not speaking about being patriotic, I’m speaking of independence. I’m not speaking of pride, I’m speaking of respect. I’m not speaking of unity, I’m speaking of liberty. If we remember and understand what it means to be an American and act as such, this will provide for the common defense.

Americans were never meant to be a government, a religion, a party or race. We were meant to be independent folks who cared enough about our liberty and independence that at times we would sacrifice those principles for our greater good, then return home with our allegiance to our own endeavors.

We are in danger. Too many of us are governed by weaker men with goals other than our independence and liberty. They can’t give us liberty, it’s ours inalienably. They can’t give us independence, it’s our heritage. They can’t give us freedom, only take it, and this has been the path for far too long. Stand up alone, be proud of yourself, and let no man govern you into a subjugated state of illusion!


Prison for Profit

I ain’t saying there are innocent folks locked up so if you’re a conservative friend pull that wedgie out. For my liberal friends, I ain’t saying we should institute get out of jail free cards either. I am saying tha if you don’t know about the incarceration hustle then you’re not paying attention to your street or tax dollars.

For those not in Ga., ill let you know we lead the nation in folks under dept of corrections control. Since the U.S leads the world; that means I live in the most incarcerated state in the world. Some of the “Ole Boys” are proud of that.

The other headline is private prisons are a boon down here. These companies contract with the state to build prisons and then operate for profit. Inmates are the workers. So here’s the hustle, hypothetically!!!

Paw Paw Cracker is the last one in the family that knows “Jack” about farming. Nobodies left to tend the farm that covered half the county they live in. Grandson Posuer goes off to UGA and gets a law degree. He can’t help Paw Paw Cracker with the farming, but his buddy can help him sell part of that land for enough money the whole family goes from dirt poor to filthy rich.

The private prison moves in and builds a prison. Cousin Cooter opens up a gas station cause he knows the guards need cigarettes, gas, and beer. Auntie Opal opens up a food joint cause she noticed guards tend to be big folks and they’ll need lunch. Next thing you know everyone in the county gets in on the deal through services and contracts. BAM!!!! A whole county is living large building sub divisions like kids with their first Lego set.

So now everyone carries signs and buys stickers talking bout “Tough on Crime”. The whole economy of the county, and state, start to realize if they take a rehabilitative approach to corrections Uncle Billies twins ain’t gonna get four wheelers for their 12th birthday and Aunt Susie’s daughter “lil Bit” ain’t gonna be able to get that time share for spring break on her sixteenth birthday. Less prisoners, less money. Damn!!!

Cousin Norman manage the local Target (pronounced Tar-Chey) in these circles. He’s bitching cause he ain’t gettin those cheap prison goods no more and his wife started shoppin at Walmart again. The gas station Cousin Cooter opened up ain’t ordering no more gas and beer cause the guards got reduced and he got stuck with 35 cases of Bud Light and 2000 Gallons of unleaded last month. His son Beau had to pawn his Yeti Cooler to but tickets to the John Mayer concert. The whole damn county is going to hell in a handbag, find some criminals dammit, or I’m gonna have to rob the bank!!!

It’s not funny that folks have a business that profit hinges on folks being locked up. These judges, DA’s, and Sheriffs in counties don’t live in a vacuum. Their relatives own and operate business’s. Their children go to manicured school buildings. The private prison concept is a conflict of interest that’s ignored for profit. And these idiots don’t care if you see through it. They say, “ain’t no innocent folks in there!” True, but look a little closer at sentencing and the situations and you will rush to your stock brocker to buy stock in companies like CCA!!!

The Harrison Narcotics Tax act (1914)

The Harrison Narcotics Act (1914) was enacted to ensure the government got their cut in the addiction game. Usage of heroin or cocaine was not illegal, but selling it without paying the taxes was akin to bootlegging.

Here is where the seeds of addiction were being sewn bureaucratically. This hustler Francis Harrison from New York used his power as a Representative to narrow the control of “dope” and industrialize addiction.

This was before the “anti biotic” time so pills didn’t cure they treated symptoms. Since everything from syphilis to bronchitis had pain or discomfort as a symptom, cocaine or heroin were commonly prescribed creating addicts.

I recently saw several intake forms from an addiction clinic in Louisiana from the early 1900’s. The form asked when the addicts first started taking the drugs. All the answers I saw were from medical problems; so when the problem went away the prescription stopped. No such thing as detox, just a cold start to street drugs.

One other note about these forms was that woman were over represented in rehabilitation clinics at this time. There are numerous factors that could be the reason, woman generally go to the doctor more than man at this time, childbirth required 5 to 7 days hospitalized in that time, not to mention men were largely occupied with bootlegging around this time.

I am really interested in the addiction epidemic. The hypocrisy and corporate greed astound me , as does the malpractice of doctors prescribing medicine and the complacency of the pharmacist filling the script. Every family has been touched by this epidemic and the drama surrounding an addicts life keeps the veil of responsibility down tight over the faces of the guilty.

When I used to talk about this issue I would mention the “Rolling Stones” song about “Momma’s Little Helpers” back in the 60’s as evidence this ain’t no new problem. After studying further I see that we missed celebrating the hundred year anniversary of addiction in the U.S. by a few decades probably.

It seems that all along woman have been targeted and relentlessly pursued by the medical and pharmaceutical industry for as long as they’ve both existed.

We have to find a way to stop blue collar crime sooner, and that’s what this is. We can’t keep hearing whispers and echoes of addiction and focus on the addict. Logic follows that doctors, secretaries, pharmacists, techs, insurance representatives, government officials etc… have caused more addiction, crime, and death than any street dealer could hope to.

The difference between the street dealer and the other jokers is one has a license and pays taxes, the other keeps all his money. The difference between the street addict and the poseur addict is similar. The poseur addict looks down on the street addict cause they have insurance and a licensed dealer, the street addict doesn’t care where it comes from as long as they get high.

So with medical folks looking down on street dealers and poseur addicts looking down on street addicts no one pays attention to the real problem, all of them are pawns in the addiction game! Use as much caution going to the doctors office as the street addict does going to the trap cause the only difference is the furnishings in many cases.